14 December 2009

My favorite things about the DAM Team weekend in Santa Rosa, and don't even get me started on the Christmas cookies part.

Our Motel 6 room had 2 beds, and our room was super quiet and disease-free and I brought my own comforter and the dogs never barked. Hardly. They were like totally behaved and exhausted and fell asleep and didn't use the beds for launch pads all night. Mostly. Also Starbucks was almost right next door. Is this because I'm creepy and old that these are facts that make me happy?

Ruby ran in the exciting dinnertime class called Strategic Pairs. The prize was beer. This is the FUNNEST CLASS EVER!!!! Her teammate was Tantrum the speedy Papillon. And Tantrum's person J.D. who totally had the good strategy and I thought we were going to win some beer but Hobbes's team knocked our team off the podium at the very end. Where podium equals everyone is sitting around drinking beer and eating pizza. Ruby was SO HAPPY to have a turn and ran fast and not crashy and I was very proud of our little dogs who were so STRATEGIC almost winning beer with the border collies.

Otterpop ran like a champion all weekend. She got a team Q, and won her Grand Prix and Steeplechase. She ran fast and she ran like how we practice. I of course did manage to totally mangle her SuperQ attempt in Snookers, train wreck style. Me and Otterpop were like all in BFF land all weekend. No sore leg. No barking at judges or anybody. If Otterpop was a Facebook friend she would have been sending me farm ducks and fish and posting little hearts all over my wall and I told her if she keeps acting like this, I am totally getting an Otterpop tattoo.

Gustavo's team was fun yet disturbing. Perhaps we will talk more about Gustavo and agility tomorrow. I will tell you right now though, the Screeeeming Monkeeeees DID have the most E's in Agiliteeee and came in LAST PLACE. Wow. But we had the best shirts. Gustavo had some awesome, amazing parts of runs, and he had a lot of parts where he just disregarded that I was actually out there doing agility too, and sort of like, you know, the one IN CHARGE of the agility, and found extra tunnels or blew off all the weave poles or ran away. Although I will say he never got freaked out by anything, was blazing fast, and did dogwalk contacts, teeters, and some stunning weave poles. His team is made up of dogs that all have some bugs to work out, and some of my most favorite agility friends. Gustavo is special. We have a long journey ahead of us, me and him. We may need Dr. Phil. But he's the one sitting on my lap, right this minute.

Read all about it on my teammate, Vici's blog.

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Lexi and Ziggy's mom said...

sounds like you had an overall excellent weekend!! Otterpop rocks the GP and Steeplechase. Strategic pairs is very fun. Last time I played the judge made us wear a big hat that we had to switch back and forth to whoever was 'on'. Got your xmas card....big thanks! My Lexi could be Gustavo's big sister. She is just now playing in one ring only and she's 9 yrs old. She also looks like a bigger member of TSD.