19 December 2009

Let's take a little dog training quiz today.

So hypothetical situation. You are walking down to the beach even though it's nearly dark, and the only car up in the car park is a total gangster Suburban. You know the type. Shiny, detailed white with black opaque windows and giant rims. And when you get down there, there's 3 color sporting, gangstah type fellows, with visible neck tattoos, eating a pizza and enjoying the deserted beach. With their pitbull. Who has on a shock collar. And they're not using napkins.

Do your dogs:

A. Completely bypass the visible neck tattoo/pitbull situation and calmly walk south on the beach with you while you are trying to remember if blue hats mean don't really mention the words Westside if it comes up during conversation?

B. Go check out the pizza pitbull party, but recall back to you instantly and you all go off on your merry way, wondering if these cheery gentlemen would like a referral to a really super positive dog trainer that might help them get the shock collar off Big Buster with the Big Cojones?

C. Fully just run into the party uninvited, at warp speed, attempt to land in the pizza box, threaten the massive pitbull with what looks like a grenade strapped onto his neck, and perhaps one dog possibly even jumps up into one of the young men's laps perhaps soiling a starched white size XXL t-shirt feigning love but really hoping to eat the pizza, requiring you to run through the sand to start grabbing and shooing dogs away, even though it's hard to tear your eyes away from such poorly crafted tattooing visible on the backs of calves as well as necks and gentlemen are trying to catch pizza and pitbull simultaneously while you shoo and scoop until your dogs are removed from the party?

Just wondering. Let me know how you did on the quiz.


Debbie said...

I'll bet your crew opted for the third choice!!! A pizza party always is worth it!

Double S said...

Oh sweet baby Jesus... leave it to Gustavo to enhance all parties!!! Even pizza parties with gangstahs n pit bulls.

Amy Carlson said...

Ooooh, pick me, pick me!! I KNOW the answer!!!! Cuz MY posse of three small black dogs would chose B, OF COURSE!! Oh, yes, fer SURE, FER SURE, they would!!!! Yes, absolutely, I am positive, positive, positive that's the right answer!! Yep, yep, yep we would transform those gangstahs and have that pit bull sans necklace lined up with the posse doing obedience out of sight stays while the pizza party continued on the other side of the black YUKON XL, we would.

Yep, I knew I was right!!!

team small dog said...

How weird is it though, gangsters using a shock collar? Like, at least they are making some effort to train their dog and take it on a beach jaunt? I would say of the 4 dogs involved in the pizza party, the necklace wearing one was the best behaved.

patti said...

One dog. Very definately C.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the answer's obvious. My small black dog would put a pizza party above all other things and my other small, not-so-black dog, would say "let's go say hi to those colorful looking characters with the well trained dog".

team small dog said...

That is correct!