21 December 2009

Gustavo is teaching me something, and I believe this is called a life lesson, and someday I will think of an inspirational quote thanks to him.

This is Gustavo's friend Luka. He tries to be just like her. Or really, I would just like to believe he tries. Really, he just wants to be him.

Luka is a super well behaved, super champion who knows how to fly on airplanes and never runs away and knows how to FOCUS. So while I would like to believe he is trying to be like her, really they are just looking at the same whistling parrot and they couldn't be more different. They are sitting under a table in a cafe here. Guess which dog did not eat hashbrowns off of my plate? I'll give you a hint. Luka does not climb on tables at restaurants to eat hashbrowns off of plates.

This would have been after Gustavo tried to escape under the fence to llamaland during his lesson with Jim. Which would have been before the lovely walk in a suburbia forest near Luka's house, where he managed to escape OUT of the forest under a fence into a suburban backyard near the forest. Right? How embarrassing is it when you are on a dog walk with super champions of dog agility and your dog runs away OUT Of the forest into someone's backyard?

Although, to make up for Gustavo, Otterpop did every single gamble that Jim set up for her in our lesson, effortlessly. Jim says I just have Herman Munster disease. Meaning at trials, when I send her into the gamble, I just meltdown like Herman Munster and how the hell is she supposed to get a gamble when I'm doing that? At least now I know the reason. Perhaps this is something that can be fixed with a pre-gamblers cocktail.

Ruby even got to do a little lesson, too. She was so happy to have some turns. I love running Ruby. The girl dogs were both so good and fast and like real agility dogs in our lesson, we left Jim sort of scratching his head for ideas to help me with Gustavo, who midway through the lesson plain old forgot how to enter the weave poles. Also I found out that for 2009, the year of Hobbes still laying down on the table, he came in number 2 in top ten points for Performance Standard. So I didn't feel like a complete loser of a dog lady when Gary caught Gustavo scaling a piece of furniture to make his way up to our kitchen counter later in the day.

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