02 December 2009

A historical geography lesson in the context of difficult weave pole entries, not to be confused with stipper poles.

I went out to practice really early yesterday morning before work, because I wanted to see if we learned anything in the seminar. And I was sad. EVERYBODY else went back to the Silvia seminar but I had to go to work. Also, Gustavo had started doing one of those dogwalks with the slowing down on the down ramp at the seminar, and that freaked me out. You've seen that, right? Slow down a little to hit the yellow paint? NO! Not the dogwalk we want. Regular old fast, not what we're looking for. I like agility that looks a little CRAZY.

I think it was just the nerves of the whole thing. Mayhem Gustavo was back practicing, and the super fast dogwalks were right there the whole time. And we practiced some of the wild seminar pole entries. I believe these are called the kind of poles you do if you live in Europe. Somewhere like Slovenia. Weave poles, right? You know that's what I mean and not stripper poles if I say poles? Just checking. And now, back to our history lesson.

I realized I had NO IDEA where Slovenia was. It is a sandwich between Austria and Croatia, in case you're as lame as me about Central European Geography and History 101. Former Yugoslavia. When I was all blah blah blah I met Silvia Trkman My Agility Hero, which is what I tell everybody now, and it makes most people sort of glaze over and look at me funny, someone asked me where Slovenia was. I sort of gestured vaguely east with a fluttery hand, mumbling something something former communism. Slovenia is actually the happy country that came out of Stalin, Tito, death of the USSR, and Yugos. In case you were wondering.

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