27 November 2009

The time that each member Team Small Dog gets tied to a kid and you think you see fast running at dog shows-HA!

I hired this bunch of kids from the hood to run the dogs yesterday. Emphasis on run. I just attached one dog per kid, and off we went, rocketing down the street (YOU GUYS STOP IT'S A STREET! good lord...) to the park strip with the creek. We left the dogs attached to kids, so dog had to do whatever kid was doing and sakes alive. Over the creek, under the creek, up the bank, down the bank, in the drain, fish for crawdads (?), down the park.

Full speed ahead to check the surf then back through the park.

I am not kidding here. The dogs got worn out. Like running in the forest for 5 hours worn out. This was on what I had thought was just a plain old walk called Let's Go Down To Check The Surf. Otterpop's kid found her a tennis ball and she had to keep doing tricks so she could carry her ball. Gustavo's kid, let's just say, known around the neighborhood for his ability to run faster and longer than Gustavo and I could not believe my eyes seeing Gustavo need to lay down with tongue hanging out. Ruby's kid, while shorter and younger than the other ones, equally fast match for those other two.

We ran back to my house (YOU GUYS STOP IT'S A STREET! good lord...) and put the dogs away then they ran down to our Thanksgiving. I was walking at this point. The dogs sat in the front window and howled, last I heard. Because, HELLO. Team Small Dog and a giant turkey sitting unguarded on a huge table at a house with chickens in the yard? Dogs stayed home with a nice bowl of dog food. We all ate Thanksgiving and those kids, once again, didn't stop all night. The dogs did, because when we got home at least, no howling. I can't say the same for the kids. You would have to ask their moms. You know, like after the pie and whipped cream and all.

All you border collie and jack russell people? You guys need to go find you some Kids!


Anonymous said...

My kids started agility with their Jack Russell's when they were 8 and 10 years old. It was a good match:) Now Zach, who will be 18 on Monday, has a rescue Border/Jack mix that makes him run even faster than his Jacks did:) The Border Collie and kids though... Max told them to stop running by grabbing their shoe laces and dragging them across the yard! It was too funny!!

team small dog said...

I wish more kids did agility! I had an 8 year old running Ruby this summer in class, and it was the coolest thing ever. Ruby is totally point and shoot to run with, the little girl was able to do everything better than the other students who were just learning. I think everyone should get kids to run their experienced dogs! I think that is so awesome you have a whole agility family. I feel sorry for kids that don't have dogs!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Kids without a dog or at least a cat is just sad! I really feel they miss out on unconditional love in a way that no human can even come close too.

I teach agility and have a couple of juniors, but I wish there were more. My most funny agility kid thing was a little seven year old running her sisters Pug. I was trying to teach her to front cross, so I said it's just like a ballerina spin, so that's what she did complete with ballerina arms:)