28 October 2009

When the internet got fixed and in the process actually broke the whole entire kitchen.

So I had this great idea that the internet would move to the kitchen. Because cost saving devices and lord have mercy, ingenious way to get the internet out of a cardboard box in the backyard. This is the whole idea that involved the splitter and the filter, internet fans.

There's a saying about best laid plans. Best laid aside in favor of a really half assed plan? Where Martha Stewart wasn't consulted and the kitchen designer didn't exactly plan for the 600 miles of plugs and wires and electrical thingies that would seamlessly flow invisibly under the granite countertops, over the crown molding and through the stainless steel appliances. And through the doorway. Holy grody grout, Batman. Let me just plug in this dog, and see if she can run the dishwasher at the same time as she wifi's.

But I would like to report. I do have an internet. It might be uglier than Shane McGowan during a triple root canal, and I might need a whole new kitchen now to disguise it and make room to chop up things like brussel sprouts and limes, but people. I am on the internet.

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Alaska said...

Best photo caption ever!