12 October 2009

Someone else's days at the dog show for once.

This is my friend Mary. She is starting the new fashion trend known as black tights with skorts. I made sure to go get my camera before her Snookers run because she is one itty, bitty, tennsy, weensy SuperQ away from receiving her ADCh, and just in case this was the one I wanted to make sure to get a picture.

My non dog agility friends, I'll remind you of this. Like one near Kentucky Derby win away from winning a huge lottery of hugeness except with no money. Fame and fortune except without any fame and fortune! When you get your ADCh, it rains Reeses Peanut Butters from the sky and your hair turns stunning and you get to trot in a circle holding a piece of PVC up, high above your head.

I KNOW! Everyone is all, sign me up for this dog agility stuff!

So actually, it was one of those melty downy Snookers runs, we've all had them and her brain stopped counting and she has to try again next time for her SuperQ. She'll get it. It was very crushing and she was all about ready to quit dog agility when she had to pack up all her crap but I'm pretty sure she's over it by now. It is just hard to be perfect and sometimes in dog agility it is super helpful to be perfect.

I think that is what Oprah calls life lessons. Which are always helpful to hear from a billionaire who has a giant ranch in Santa Barbara and a plane.

This is my friend Rob and his dog Hobbes. Maybe you've heard me mention Hobbes once or twice.

Isn't he beautiful? He jumps like a little pony.

Rob is all zen before he takes Hobbes in the ring. Hobbes likes to roll around on his back and bark. They had a good run. I only ran Hobbes in Standard and he missed his dogwalk contact, although I thought he didn't but we had a pretty fun run anyways.

There's Stan and Kathleen. Their motorhome needs 66 gallons of gas. Stan is a really good dog agility husband and helps drive the motorhome. I'm kind of wondering when he's going to start running a dog? I forgot to ask Kathleen if she had a good day. Hope you had a good day Kathleen!

I like to call this picture, Hooray I found the keys!

Otterpop ran the best she ever has. Won her Grand Prix, didn't get that SuperQ or the gamble but not from any fault of hers. I can't believe the change in her since she's been resting her leg. She is fully happy out there on course and trying 100% to win every single time.

So now I don't know, do I keep running her? Do the 8 weeks crate rest? She seems so not sore and so happy to do agility. Maybe she just keeps doing the boring walking on a leash and not stressing out her crummy leg? I dunno.

Gustavo won his Masters Jumpers with one of his best runs ever. I just had him do a teensy, teeterless half of a Standard run, in our quest to be the dog in Starters Standard for the longest amount of time. He loved it and was perfect and got to run out of the ring after a flawless table.

Thank you to the beautiful and fabulous Starters judge who is also one of our dog agility pals for still giving us a table count even though we sort of went off course to get to that table. Oops. It's starters. People go off course, right? I could have gotten lost and just ended up there on that table, right?

Didn't even try to get the gamble, had a teeter. Got a lovely snookers Q. Had some weavepole foibles but he was super fast and best of all, no dead people at all, anywhere!


vici whisner said...

I saw your jumpers run with Gustavo and your GP run with Otterpop. Both super speedy, slick as a whistle, down right fabulous runs!

You forgot to mention the monkey that kept crawling out of your crate distracting you when you were trying to run Master Standard!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I'm over it because I'm filling out VAST trial entry for end of October before work today. And that's not because Rob said Wings could pair with Ariel. He said so BEFORE the Snooker debacle, so it's not a Pity Pair. Well, not SPECIFICALLY a Pity Pair, maybe just a GENERAL Pity Pair. P.S. Don't I need a tatoo for gothness? Will you design one for me, please?

team small dog said...

Oh yeah. Right before I was supposed to run gamblers with Otterpop.

And that he did escape out of the xpen once, (so 2008 Gustavo). I was walking Otterpop to the ring, I noticed this cute little dog running towards the open fields, and I thought, WOW-That dog looks EXACTLY like Gustavo! Cool!

Except then I clued in, uh, yeah, IS Gustavo. Luckily the power of the dog training worked when I called him and he came running over and then we all had a nice round of Here-Someone Hold Gustavo, until I could bring a more jail like crate from the car.

He lost all xpen privileges every time I was running a dog and had to sit in the jail crate!

team small dog said...

Mary if you don't want to get a tattoo you can just wear more black eyeliner. But tattoos go with everything, maybe a super fly fancy script ADCh when you finish yours? On your neck? That always screams badass, a good neck tattoo.

Elf said...

I'm thinking that if I ever got a tattoo, it would be on the bottom of my big toe. That way it is likely to never cause issues in any work environment and would be conveniently out of sight in case I and some attractive male were ever, like, um, enjoying each other's company with our shoes off. But I could still display it in public when I wanted to without having to pull down my underwear or unhook my bra.

Anyway, but then I'm not goth or mary & don't know whether I even own black tights any more but certainly don't own a skort and am unlikely to, you fashion mavens you!

P.S. Congratulations on Otterpop's Grand Prix and excellent running. I might have mentioned it before, but my dog Remington always ran his best when we hadn't done ANY agility not even class for maybe 2-3 weeks. If I practiced with him more than maybe once a week outside of class,you could pretty much forget "trying 100% to win every single time" at the next trial. For him, less was definitely more.

And very big congrats on Gustavo's masters Jumpers win! Hey, Arlene and Sparkle had practically all their Masters titles before they ever got a starters standard leg becuase of the --gasp!-- evil teeter, and now they have their ADCH. So it could happen.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to apply eye shadow.

I'm thinking about tattooing a #1 on each of my index fingers, one on my pinkie, one on my thumb, and one on my middle finger.

That way I can point to the first Snooker flag with one index finger, and then the second with the other index finger, the pinkie will be for if there is a fourth flag option, and the thumb will be a thumb's up for the last flag/sequence before the closing.

You say, "What about the #1 tattooed to your middle finger? Well, that will be to express myself if I screw up.

Elf said...

I think you should just draw the locations of the #1s on your glasses.

Kathleen said...

We did have good day! JB won both rounds of 22" Steeplechase and Annie Q'd every run.

Stan IS a great agility husband. He doesn't have any desire to run a dog, however. Anyway, all his spare time is taken up pumping gas into the RV....

Congrats on Goo's Jumpers and Otterpop's GP brillant runs!