19 October 2009

Six new things I learned on a very busy weekend that don't include how to fix the internet.

Ira from Yo la Tengo is a super nice guy who brings his bike on tour and rode down to the beach and the rollercoaster, wasn't sure what to think about the whole earthquake thing, and doesn't mind hanging out with boozy dog agility ladies while the opening band is playing.

Really, don't forget to put pressure on that gamble line. I mean really. And look for those more concise lines for your dog for better efficiency. Like look harder. For one thousand dollars.

The lady who couldn't move her fingers could still pet Gustavo's ears, and he was so pleased with her he just lay down on her bed and she couldn't speak real words but really enjoyed petting his ears.

Dog club secretaries are supposed to know how to do excel and most people do not consider pen doodles on post-its spreadsheets.

Sometimes rotten seal carcasses just vanish overnight.

From the top of the mountain, if you're up there early enough, the marine layer moves all the way down from the golden gate, down the swampy bay, to cover the valley so carefully that it looks like you could just reach down and pluck it off in tufts.


Anonymous said...

#6 is perfect start of portrait of formerly young artist novel.

Anonymous said...

#5 perfect if novel will be of the mystery variety

Anonymous said...

Save #3 for your obituary.

Anonymous said...

Save #2 for Jim's biography.

Anonymous said...

I have re-thought it and I think you should out job applications with tiny pen addressing (#4).

#1 - Are you SURE Gary doesn't read your blog?

Elf said...

I'm wondering why the juxtapositioning of Mary and seal carcasses. I'm just askin'.