23 September 2009

We interrupt dog agility for a good hair day.

My new hair cutter, which I say like I had an old cutter but I think it's been a couple years, at least, since anyone's cut my hair. Which maybe was that girl at the place behind the parking lot by the car dealerships and the bbq hog house. Years. Anyways. She said I had hair like Jennifer Anniston's, but better. Sportier. Like people would PAY to have my hair. PAY to have it. Because you know what's in right now? Sporty, messy, Jennifer Anniston hair. That's right. We're on an upswing and it's all starting with the in hair.

I LOVE my new haircutter.


Anonymous said...

So how much could you sell it for? Lots of entries, lessons, gore-tex shoes.... I mean, since people would PAY.
I am interested in how much because I have sporty hair, too. At least, it's messy, so I am happy to know I'm stylin and worth something. Super hard times, sell the hair.

Anonymous said...

Nice 'do.


(and yes, they ship. . .)

Anonymous said...

And Gustavo is a way cool hair accessory.

some random female said...

Wow! Your hair does look great!

In an odd coincidence, I got my hair cut on the very same day, only my conversation with the stylist was rather more depressing than yours was. [Along the lines of "You really need to go see a doctor about this hair loss."]