04 September 2009

The fiesta begins.

Had dinner with some friends last night, as we were walking out, one of them goes, "So how's that dog thing going, anyways?"

"We have moments of greatness, and it can go from there to totally sucktacular."

After work today, I go flying out to Prunedale for the first classes of the Regionals. Pairs. Which means hopefully if I'm late my pairs partners walked the course for me and yeah. It's like that.


Let's hope I don't make mistakes like this with Otterpop. Oh the pain of it all.

Or any like this with Gustavo. And that he gets that nice CMJ measurement.

And there's no tense moments with Hobbes.

We'll see you all there. Who's bringing the margaritas?


Ella Sumrie said...

I have been reading your blog for AGES, but I never have the sound on on my laptop, and finally today I did, and I watched your runs and it was the weirdest thing because I had no idea you sounded like that (I am english and i guess I think that way!!). The fact you call the Gustavo the little dude, Gooey (not sure of spelling!) is so cute! Haha. He looks like a foxs when he has his head down and goes all slinky when he runs. So sweet, tell Otterpop and Hobbes they did good too!

Ella and Dermott, x

Anonymous said...

Do I hear monkey barking in the background during Otterpop's run?

Chris, Conradin, and Valerie

team small dog said...

Hey what did you think I sounded like?

I think that is another monkey barking in the background of Otterpop's run. I have to keep Gustavo far, far, far away from the rings.