03 September 2009

Crosstraining for peak agility performance

Last night when we got home from Dirt Nite, Gustavo made a dramatic, festive, monkey screaming exit from the house to chase something around our back yard. Screaming and carrying on and I'm all, "Go GET YOUR DOG!" to Gary because sometimes, Gustavo can be his dog, especially when it involves frantic running monkey screaming around the yard in the dark. This is usually when he gets to be Gary's dog, actually.

So he's out there and I hear him yelling something about the tree and the dogs are running apeshit and I figure it's the possum out there again and they have it pinned somewhere. So out I go too, ready to kick some dog ass or at least carry some small dog back in the house where there's no possums and what is the deal about the tree? Possums go up trees, with their tiny little fangs and blind little eyes and horrid, scaly little tails and noses?

Oh, no. That would be due to the fact that Gustavo has climbed up in the tree and is now stuck in the tree with the million scrubby old dead branches. Sort of a huge, giant shrub more than proper tree and maybe there are possums in it but for sure now there is a Gustavo in it who is now stuck and screaming for someone to get him out of the tree.

This is a dog who just did weave poles and teeters and handling and contacts and who everyone applauded for not going in the tunnel on that hard turn from the a-frame to the table. Who held all his startlines and had no teeter phobias and ran the courses with all the big kid dogs. Who may have barked like a maniac all night but that's nothing compared to the possum barking sounds coming from THE TREE. Where he is stuck. Good god.

Gary carefully extracts him from the branches and carries him in. Otterpop is sort of looking at him. Otterpop has never been stuck in a tree. Actually, none of the dogs have ever been stuck in a tree. Right? Because dogs don't climb trees.

Gustavo will be competing at the Southwest Regionals this weekend. His first time in a dog show of massive magnitude. Wish us luck. Because I think dogs that get stuck in trees sort of need extra luck.


Anonymous said...

Park AWAY from the trees this weekend. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Nice run with Gustavo! And he is clearly a very talented dog to get himself stuck in a tree! He is positively awash in talent!

vici whisner said...

Ha, Laura you lead a very exciting life. My life is so totally boring compared to yours!

You guys look so great lask weekend. Can't wait to see you run at the regionals!


Agility Foot said...

I wish you hadn't said " dog show of massive magnitude", now I'm really nervous.

Double S said...

Go Captain, Pop, and Goo! Have a great time and send updates when you can :-) Best of luck-- video of Gustavo looks wonderful. Be proud and have a great time!

Alaska said...

Don't worry. That wasn't *your* dog that got stuck in a tree. That was *Gary's* dog.

Your dog will have a stellar weekend, I'm sure.

Amy Carlson said...

Gustavo looks awesome!!

team small dog said...

Dog show of medium sized magnitude.

Deb said...

You just can't beat that wagging tail on the table! I love it.