20 August 2009

A pair and a spare.

One nice thing about having 3 dogs is that I always bring a supply of dogs along for others at Dirt Nite. Some people bring cookies, I bring spare dogs. I maybe cause a little bit of a sight. Being towed along by 3 little black dogs, and usually a border collie. With assorted accessories. For one Dirt Nite, I need one frisbee, one furry thing on a rope, one mini tennis ball, one border collie tuggy thing, and a string cheese. Everybody on their own trips.

If it's a small group, and someone needs a spare dog, I usually have one handy. People looking for a cheap date always pick Ruby. She's a ringer. Tell her you got a treat in your pocket, she's your new best friend. Just run fast and don't step on her. Rear cross if you're going to get too close. Maybe, just maybe, when she got trained and her trainer, ahem, was learning how to handle, some dicey front crosses of near small dog skull crushing. She doesn't get to do many runs, and we put the jumps all the way down to 8" for her, but I'm so happy she gets to have some turns. She still gots her speed.

No one usually picks Otterpop. She's like the oafish emo girl in Doc Martens skulking on the sidelines. Rob ran her last night though, he's not afraid. She's actually super fun to run, she just doesn't give off that Cute Dog to Play With vibe. More like Is That Rattlesnake and Does it Want to Bite Me? But you pick up her frisbee, she's there. She likes you to send her out and run to front cross positions. Weirdly enough, I run her a lot like I run Hobbes, who is a 26" border collie. Right? He's more of a rocket blaster and she's like a speedy fast hockey puck. Not that I've ever seen a hockey puck. But if I did, I bet it would remind me of Otterpop.

Gustavo, not quite ready to just get handed off. Rob's run him before, but that's it. You need to be pretty accurate. He's outside barking at some plastic rocks right now. Don't mind Gustavo. He'll be ready to share someday.

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Dirt Nite sounds like fun.