01 July 2009

When we use some sort of yoga zen things but somehow I believe this is not really our thing.

At yoga class, we are supposed to notice our breathing so we are In the Moment. Even if you are worried about your car getting towed because you were late for yoga class so in the moment used the illegal parking.

Seether is not in the moment. Seether spends a lot of time wearing her Impatient Pants. I believe these pants to be very, very tight in the crotch area.

Which makes her Seethe. Seeeeeethe. She is waiting for the gate to open and if she stares at it hard enough with the Evil Stink Eye, it may EXPLODE and Otterpop will have a walk, thank you. She will TAKE A WALK, thank you, and she will take it straight up with a twist AND on the rocks. NOW.

So she is supposed to wait sometimes because this is controlling her impulses. Because a lot of the time her impulses are highly unpleasant ones. The ones from Seether that cause things to EXPLODE including her brain. Here I made her wait on the super nasty slime filled drinking fountain. She was seether there because actual soccer players had the uppity uppness to actually use the pinecone frisbee walk run field for actual soccer. With men kicking and yelling things in Spanish at each other. Seethe. Seeeethe. Seeeeeeeeeeeethe.

At agility, there are turns and everybody gets one. And part of agility is you are waiting for your turn. I believe this is like the breathing part of yoga where you are learning a lesson. And everybody learns their lesson different-like. Like how at yoga I use the breathing part to write a brilliant chapter of a book which I will promptly forget after yoga which is the punishment for not thinking about the breathing. Ruby uses the waiting to plot a way to remove all the treats from the treat resting place of too high when someone else has a turn. And Gustavo is monkey screaming. But Otterpop is thinking about agility and she is watching and planning and uses this power to do distance handling of remarkable farness awayness.

And also uses the waiting for seething. Because In the Moment my ass. She just wants her goddamn turn. NOW.


Anonymous said...

I am totally confused! I always thought Otterpop was The Seether because I always identified with Otterpop-ownership; I also have a seether at home who only not-hates about 6.5 things on this sweet earth. But I could swear that all those seether pictures of waiting by the door and the drinking fountain are Ruby?
Also, the first picture with Gustavo coming up from behind the Totally Serious girls is amazing. It almost looks photoshopped, like you cut him out from a clowndog catalog and pasted him in. What a brass monkey!

team small dog said...

You are not alone in the confusion of who is Otterpop and who is Ruby. Including my own mother. And brother-in-law. But never my nephew. Look for that lowrider up front build, jacked up in back when tails are not visible.

Ruby is never a seether. She has patience. She is very zen, if zen is used to wait for everyone to leave so she can steal the food.

Elf said...

I have only two observations related to pants, monkeys, and attitudes. (1) Jake's alternative name used to be Grumpy Pants, because he, too, had special pants for activities like grumpiness. (2) Did you see yesterday's cartoon where a character knows that he is safe from eternal damnation because he is wearing monkey underpants? (Here, I hope.)

some random female said...

But the very last photo has Ruby in front, and Otterpop lying with her head on the ground, right?

team small dog said...

Yes-very last photo is Ruby. Ruby always looks less seethy. Or not at all. As opposed to the seethy one in the background. Also Otterpop's head is speckly and Ruby just has a gray beard. We call her grandma now even though she's only 8.