30 June 2009

How we roll.

The air has been gray and cold, which is sort of how it goes on some summer days around here. But the dogs can run for miles with my cruiser when the air is chilly and the evenings are long, so that's what we do.

Ruby gets to ride now. That used to be Timmy's job. She doesn't have miles of running in her, but she gets a ride to somewhere good, maybe the pond or the whale skeletons or a soccer field with pine cones, and everybody runs for another good long while until it's time to ride home. Even me. We have a new sport called walk-run-frisbee. Pretty self explanatory.

Otterpop and Gustavo. those two don't ever seem to get tired. I toss Ruby up in her basket, off we go, and they're ready to sprint, all the way back home.


vici whisner said...

Cool bike and photos!

Anonymous said...

If only we had a video of that picture set to Queen's "Bicycle Race"!

team small dog said...

Oh my god. I can't tell you how hard it was just to take one picture of myself riding the bike with the dogs, let alone a video. Just do the humming and wiggle your computer screen.

some random female said...

Wow, you are much more talented with the bicycle-riding than I am. I have to attach the dog to the bike with a Springer so I can keep both hands on the handlebars, and even then there is a lot of weaving and wobbling. It can be scary at times.