26 July 2009

Welcome to Much of Team Small Dog's Birthday.

Some (uh, relatively speaking, because, you know, Universal Healthcare!) important facts about my birthday:

It is also Ruby and Gustavo's birthday. They are respectively, 9 and 3 years old. We are all 3 Leo's. And if that wasn't weird enough, it is also Mick Jagger's and Susan Garrett's birhday. That makes ALL of us Leo's. And me the only one of us 3 humans that doesn't wear spandex. At some point in me and Ruby's and Gustavo's party last night, guests clamored for a dogwalk. These are my kinds of party guests.

Otterpo's dogwalker has pink hair and crocs. That is what all the 7 year olds are wearing right now. Otterpop is the only member of Team Small Dog that doesn't share the same birthday. Her USDAA card says November. I think it's on Thanksgiving.

Mary was a party guest. She did not attend the dogwalk portion.

The first best present ever was Gustavo. Gary got him for me 2 years ago. Something like that. Then the next best present was Maia gave me a whole family of her own personal Breyers from when she was a kid and they all had tiny party hats and little halters. Total OMG gift. So also, just so we have it on the record, Gary said, "I was thinking of getting you a border collie but I thought you would want to pick it out." Total OMG gift of the future.

I was sort of too busy at my party to take many pictures. We had 14 guests, and we have 8 plates, 4 bowls and 9 forks and one knife. Too many dogs. A kitchen the size of a speck and I got home from work just an hour before the guests arrived. But we do have 20 cocktail glasses. You do the math. It was super fun. No place I'd rather be.

Except for maybe the borax mining flatlands of Mojave. Maybe we pack the party up and head out there next year, everybody!


debnull said...

Happy Birthday damn it!!! To you and Ruby and Gustavo too! I look like I am about to start a fight and I'm getting all riled up over here! I hope you have a fantastic day (did you go to the forest? Did Otterpop pull herself together miraculously?)

-the other Deb

Amy Carlson said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you three and all the others, too. The Spurminator has a Leo birthday. I put him on the first of August. Puppymill bust was Aug. 21st and he was a wee pup when it was seized. He is a year younger than Gustavo. Lots of Leos in this house, too! Rock on Lions of the world!

Anonymous said...

Deb, you do not look like you are about to start a fight. Besides, I look like the person on the horse in the picture behind me has just walked into the room, whip in hand, and asked me whether I subscribe to the PETA position on fox-hunting.

Elf said...

If you got a BC, would it have to be a Leo? That means it's being born right now! Or last week! Or next week! Hey, Brittney used-to-be-bay-teamer up in oregon's border collie just had a huge litter--well, 7. I don't know anything about the parents but other people might. http://www.hillcrestbordercollies.com/

Elf said...

That's "Brittney Holtorf MacNeill" on Facebook. I know you wanted to know.

team small dog said...

I think we are going to save the gift of a border collie for the future when Gustavo is more trained and Otterpop is less mentally ill and I am less busy! I cannot even imagine having a Leo BC puppy right now. Mayhem would not even begin to describe. I am a total puppy stalker though, I even watch the CP puppy webcam.

Anonymous said...

All I remember from the post is 'and we have 20 cocktail glasses'!!!! And that there was a dog walking crowd in spandex (w/ a BIG pink MAKE-UP kit). Super fabu party! Thx L!


debnull said...

Mary -- you have a point about your picture -- I didn't notice it the first time I looked... Don't you think that I may look a bit like I am going to throw the contents of my wine glass on the photo taker?

It was a very fun party -- I certainly enjoyed myself mightily :-) +1 on what Tash said - Thanks Laura!"

team small dog said...

That is TOTALLY the meanest I have ever seen Deb look.

Mary, just be happy that those are all your own damn teeth that you're flashing there. Fox hunting is one of those really complicated things. I don't do it. However, I do own a plethora of whips.

Yep. Otterpop pulled herself together and spent the day chewing on her new chewy bones (Ruby has no chewy bones now) then running til she had to lay down in the creek in the forest. Then chewing on chewy bones again whilst I enjoyed mai tais at Hulas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Laura, I know fox-hunting is a complicated subject which is why I have that slightly terrified what-does-she-want-me-to-say-and-I'll-be-happy-to-say-it look on my face. That, and of course because of the whips.

Deb -- All I can say is that it's white wine in that glass. I don't think you can start a fight flinging white wine. Has to be red.