27 July 2009

Everybody's birthday is complete and they are older and is it ok for dogs to have mai tais?

The one thing I wanted to do for my birthday was take the dogs out on a knock down, drag out forest walk. And go get mai tais at Hulas until I was knocked down and dragged out. Before we went to the forest, which was on the schedule just before the mai tais, I was thinking about this one thing. Since Gustavo has been such a bright shining agility star, in my mind if nowhere else, we haven't been running amuck in the forest quite as much. I was wondering about this. Let me describe how it goes deep in the forest. Ruby is always right there with me. Otterpop, might be running amuck but you holler "OTTERPOP!" and she appears by leaping off cliffs, out of trees, and so forth. Gustavo, sometimes just doesn't appear for a few minutes and when he does, it's sort of with a glazed, somewhat not of this world where humans exist, look on his face. This is a look we in the agility world do not so much enjoy viewing on our dog faces.

Right little buddy? I run this theory by him before we go, and he's all, "HOLA!" and I guess thinks we're off to the nursing home until we get to our top secret illegal parking place for really good forest walks. When he goes all glazed catatonic monkey scream to GET OUT and INTO FOREST.

Once we're in the forest, he's running with Otterpop. Ruby is with me. If I want to see the dynamic duo, I call them and Otterpop always appears instantly by, like I said, leaping off some cliff or flying out of some giant redwood tree at 100mph, and Gustavo, sometimes comes right in, sometimes not. Sometimes is the detour of up this cliff and across this creek and then back in where everybody else is laying down, Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

The theme of forest walk is, HEY GOO STAH VOE!!!!

He was up there on the high log across the creek with Gary. He's too little to spot.

There he is. You can usually find him in water. Actually, he was pretty darn good. Ran hard and came in almost all the time. Just could not sit at all still for any photo ops. If he bats an ear to his name and comes running in, that's fine. Doesn't have to pose on the stupid mossy log with the cool lighting with the trained dogs. I'll take it.

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