10 July 2009

She speaks briefly, without sarcasm, but don't worry, it will likely come back within moments.

From his only class last weekend, Advanced Gamblers. It was really a super run. Made me convinced everything I've been doing the last few months to rehab him from the spookies is paying off.

He's still got a long ways to go. I suspect there will be more ups and downs with him in the agility ring. I'm just taking it super slow with him from now on, no pressure, no pushing. Just decided he's not doing Team at the Regionals coming up, with the super cutest small black and white dog team ever. There's time for that later. I know, I know, the pointy finger.

This photos is from 2 years ago. When the dog rescue lady showed him to me. He'd only been a US citizen for a few weeks, brought over in the back of a van from Juarez, Mexico after a spay neuter camp down there. No hablo ingles at the time. No hablo el potty training. But was the sweetest, fastest little dog I'd ever met.

And still is. I can't believe how lucky I am to have a Gustavo.

Well, that was mushy and heartwarming. Nice sentiment. She loves her little doggy. Even though he just barfed on the couch and has been bringing snails in the house to play with, crunch down on with sharp little teeth and leave in places such as, human shoes.

You know I wouldn't trade him even for a 39 million dollar jackpot. I think. Maybe you ask me that next time I step in a snail.


Amy Carlson said...

That's SO awesome! Great tunnel zooming shot!

I wish I could say my rehab of Spur is going so well. It was going OK, he was racing to do his teeter, but at class the other night on a collection grid, he didn't see the second jump, obviously not collecting, and crashed it and suddenly it was "Rabies Day At The Raccoon Park" again. Damn! I should not have done a collection grid with him. He ran OK in the yard yesterday, so we will be fine, but a sad set back I am afraid.

vici whisner said...

Team Small Dog Looking GREAT! I think it is the right thing to do to wait for Team. Little Fish Fry is ready when you are. I'm sure Millie will be fine with it and we'll do team either in December or in the spring.

some random female said...

Have I mentioned recently that Gustavo is the cutest dog EVER?!?

And the action shots rock.