09 July 2009

Dirt Nite Haiku Fest

Does the sick person
taking shuffly little steps
have to lift the a-frame

I teach class seated
across the teeter totter
and fall on my ass

Laryngitis voice
does not stop me from yelling
Give That Dog A Treat

My blistered nose runs
And I wipe it with my hand
Snot mixes with dirt

In my car I have
a baggy of carnitas
Gustavo teeter

It is fast and true
he slams it to the black ground
Give That Dog a Treat

Otterpop, Ruby
don't get to have any turns
so I don't pass out

Several teeters
For one crazy little dog
And then I go home

Some agility
For only 5 short minutes
is better than eating pie


vici whisner said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I agree, agility is better than pie.... unless you screw up on course.

Quincy's mom said...

Such talent! I cannot write haiku at all, much less screamingly funny haiku, when I feel like a million bucks! Well done, and hope you feel better soon. Your blog is terrific.

Elf said...

I bow to the master!

Alaska said...

Best post ever!