13 July 2009

How it would go if we used laser beams in dog agility.

Some of my dog agility friends graciously accepted my requests to model the hypothetical outcome of the use of supersonic laser beams in dog agility.

If by graciously accepting my requests, you mean that I was sitting out on the agility field with my tiny camera and I took their pictures without them knowing. But it was shady out there on the field and someone had to sit next to the fluffy tunnel to keep it fluffy and fresh and also they all thought I had swine flu and no one wanted to sit near my germs.

But Kim might find the contact beam useful if Ari forgets a contact. Ari is really, really fast. So is Kim. But a contact beam would probably help sometimes. Kim just shoots it in her ear and she would just Stop. Super sonic!

There's Kathleen using one for a nice tight turn. Usually, she just uses the power of Greg Derret instead of the laser beam. But the laser beam works good, too. JB is mesmerized.

Mary sometimes spits out wrong words. Or actually I think she doesn't always tell Ariel words for things. Ariel just KNOWS things. So now they both know she's supposed to go into the tunnel. Thanks laser beam!


Anonymous said...

Obviously, Ariel is the one telling Mary where to go by shooting the laser beam such that it angles off the obstacle, grabs Mary and draws her in (very Star Trekky). It would work better if Mary lost a few pounds!!!

team small dog said...

Yes, I believe in Star Trek that was known as tractor beam. That is also a supersonic laser beam. That is probably the kind Ariel was using here. I am pretty new to this laser technology stuff. But I did watch a lot of tv in the '70's.

Elf said...

True Agility Secrets revealed once again by our star undercover agility reporter, TSD! A++ on this post.

vici whisner said...

Ok, I MUST get myself one of these new Laser beamy things. I looked on Clean Run and didn't see it there.

BTW, I think they were testing it at the last trial I went to. I believe they had it on every tunnel as Fin took every tunnel even if I didn't point her at it. These laser beams can be used for evil as well as good.