14 July 2009

Ask Otterpop. Which is always a scarey proposition.

Laura: Hello Otterpop. Today we walked to the beach at low tide, where you ran and ran and ran. We then drove up to Forest Agility where you practiced a million hard gambles including turning out of a serpentine to a jump 100 miles away. And then you ran next to the bike all the way to the soccer field where you chased the tennis ball and glowered at the other dogs chasing their tennis balls on the other side of the field and then ran next to the bike all the way home. Yet you seem to be so not tired? Otterpop, do you ever get tired?

Otterpop: Is someone cooking burritos in the house?

Laura: Did you know Scott Chamberlin is coming to judge the August trial and the Regionals the weekend after? He is going to be watching, staring, and running after you on your dogwalk contact which you are actually in an occasional missing of phase at the moment. Are you aware of this, Otterpop? Scott Chamberlin, 2 weeks in a row?

Otterpop: I hate these stupid succulents. They are ugly and Otterpop doesn't need them.

Laura: Otterpop, your distance work today was so incredible. Your turns away from me so precise, never a waver on your out. I kept setting harder and harder gamble ideas, along the lines of "Hobbes could do this but Otterpop can't" and you just kept knocking them out. One after another. The other dogs were getting hot and tired and wanted to lay in the shade and all you could do was more. More. MORE. MORE!!!! So Otterpop. Could you do this at the next few dog shows and get those stupid 3 Gamblers Q's to finish your ADCh?

Otterpop: Otterpop cannot hear your words because Otterpop is humming a brain tune right now.

Laura: Otterpop, I could write something really embarrassing here about you right now. Like how you totally like to sit in my lap and that you want your name changed to Butterscotch. But I suspect you would rather have me write about how you scare off the mailman whenever you can and keep naughty horses in line and are learning how to explode things via telekinesis. Anything that you want to add to the end of your interview?

Otterpop: Otterpop is not listening to you because if Otterpop can make the camera lense explode Otterop won't be stayed anymore in the succulents and can have all the burritos.


kiwichick said...

Otterpop is a little gem! I know how you feel about the gamble legs. I have a 12" dog that just needs two more for her ADCH. Been trying for years :-) I know it will happen soon.......

Elf said...

Do you suppose that if Boost and Otterpop played together for a few hours, they'd tire each other out? ...Oh, wait, Otterpop wouldn't do that. Sigh.

team small dog said...

Border collies that may want to touch the frisbee are pretty much up there equal with judges that look at her on the Otterpop List of Evil Things That Should Be Exploded.

Julie J said...

uh oh, scott chamberlain 2 weeks in a row, that is quite the set-up.
thoroughly enjoyed the interview with otterpop.