22 July 2009

Hola Gustavo!

We caught Gustavo in a rare moment of standing still last night. It happens. Just not much. With his new found interest in entomology, he's learning to quietly stalk the bugs out back under bushes instead of just crashing around the yard like a little rocket all the time with his furry squeaky bone in his mouth. Well, yeah. He still does that too. A lot. But sometimes, rare occasions, he slows down for a few minutes. I decided to take the opportunity for a couple questions.

Laura: Hola Gustavo! The other day at dog agility at Quail Lodge, you were running so so so fast that you came out of a tunnel, hit the table at 100mph and slid across it and off, landed on that perfectly manicured grass, and just disappeared underneath, into the shade, instead of back on top. I mean, you did get right back on top, but that was certainly a creative idea. I loved it how you came leaping out, jumped back on, into your down, then just wagged and wagged your table for that 5 seconds that seemed like 3 hours. No dust left on that table after that 5 seconds.

Gustavo: I see Bugs!

Laura: So we practiced on Monday up at Forest Agility, and yesterday at the practice field. You held your dogwalk contact for so long, no matter where I darted off to, or threw your furry tuggy treat purse. You ran across that dogwalk like a bullet, stopped, then nothing could get you to budge off. Like a big boy! You think you could try that next time we go to a dog show? And are you ok with it that your favorite toy is a ripped up, furry purse?

Gustavo: Es el azul! Hola bug!

Laura: Well yeah. But your purse is red and white. Hey, I'm not kidding, little buddy. Lately, it's been like you are a real agility dog when we go practice. Turning and watching and sending out and coming in, hitting pole entries, loving that teeter, amazing a-frame, reading the serpentines, not getting scared of anything or sticking your head down the plethora of gopher holes that we sometimes see. What is it? What brought you back on track? Can we have some more runs at the dog show like that Snookers run we had on Sunday?

Gustavo: Mmmph. Tengo bug. Yo la tengo! Is bugs!

Laura: Hey, guess what. I think it's your birthday this week. Same as mine. Even though we actually have absolutely NO IDEA how old you are, on your USDAA card it says July 26, 2006, making you 3 years old this weekend! Old enough for your CMJ measurement where you need to slouch just enough to be under 12" tall. You have lived here with us, on Walk Circle, instead of on the dusty streets of Juarez for exactly 2 years. Two years! We're going to have a birthday party for us this weekend, K?

Gustavo: Aloha because SNAIL.


Amy Carlson said...

Hmmmm, bugs....."taste like chicken".........my Colby has a diet of about 10% giant, green grasshoppers come August and September.

vici whisner said...

Happy Birthday Goo! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to December team!

Quincy's mom said...

Happy birthday to you both.

Jen Lindsay said...

Was that an Otterpop authorized interview?

Happy birthday to Gustavo!

Life With Dogs said...

A shared birthday week? I bet this is going to be one heck of a party! :)

Alaska said...

Happy birthday to Goo! And you too!

"Wagged the table..." great image :)

Elf said...

Best interview ever! (You do a lot of "best evers".)