16 July 2009

Guess who went to Dirt Nite?

Someone ran courses with a teeter totter and poles in them. Like just totally ran them all fast and stuff and didn't mess up or freak out and so forth. Like had actual handling and just flying over the teeter totter and through the poles and over the dogwalk and a-frame. Like everybody else.

I'm not naming any names, unless your name happens to begin with a G. And ends with ustavo.

And maybe you're the littlest one. And maybe sometimes freaks out and so forth.

But not anymore.


Deb said...

Yes, I agree. Gustavo did a great job last night! Actually, all three seemed to have fun! Nice to have you in class.
How do you keep from eating EVERYTHING in the kitchen after being at Dirt Night for two/three hours? Man, I better go for a run or something because I know where those cookies are going to go.

Amy Carlson said...

He must have channeled The Spurminator, cuz last night's class was one of his best and it included a teeter! No hesitation at all. We are not at the point G-ustavo is, yet, but getting there!

Off Saturday to BARK camp www.barkagility.com, where I hope he can play and has ears and a tail. He tends to lose those when worried. He attended last year as a tag-along, but this year he is THE MAN!

Kathleen said...

Yay for the Goo!!! Must be all that forest agility! ;^)

(Love the Goo....)