16 June 2009

Today is a day where we feel the history and it feels like sparkly abalone shells.

This is the Kitchen Brothers' temple. It's down the street from my house. Lately we've been walking by it a lot, because we love it and the beach has dying baby seals and the forest has joggers and I've taken to just heading North on the railroad tracks and coming home by the temple because that seems like a nice place to walk instead.

Ancient Santa Cruz lore has it that Kenneth and Raymond Kitchen built it to listen to German submarines during WWII.

The radio towers are beautifully encrusted with sonic radar listening abalone shells and bricks and stones. It sits next door to the Hare Krishna place.

The two brothers would soak old mattresses with the garden hose, and lay around together and listen to the subs through the towers. Then Kenneth, or maybe it was Raymond, would walk home to his own temple, that's up the street, on the other side of the railroad tracks.

Not sure what they heard exactly, if submarine chatter came through the shell towers, or if they talked to aliens, or maybe they just heard stuff nobody else could.

Another piece of ancient Santa Cruz history moved to my house yesterday. Ancient in the history of agility in Santa Cruz. It's getting a makeover. I was thinking to beautifully encrust it with abalone shells and bricks and shiny things that glitter. And seeing if it will speak soothing magical chatter to Gustavo, or contact aliens, or just tell him stuff that nobody else can hear about what a beautiful thing it would be, to lose all fear and feel the teeter love.

And, just in case it doesn't have super sonic radio skills, we'll still have the most beautiful teeter for miles around.


Anonymous said...

Is it just perspective, or is that artifact/teeter LOOONG as heck?

Good luck to TSD with their teeter endeavors!

Elf said...

Nice temple/sub tower. Maybe you need one of those in your yard encrusted with taxidermy.

team small dog said...

The artifact is long and super skinny!
That's why I think it will do super doubling as a radio tower.

Elf said...

Well, ok, taxidermy-encrusted artifacts might discourage the agility. Or encourage. Who knows.

Kathleen said...

OMG!! Imagine my surprise when I see the teeter I built nine years ago in the back of your truck! It is an artifact indeed! I gave it away over three years ago. If the Goo will do THAT teeter he'll do any teeter.....

team small dog said...

This is my thinking exactly! If he can feel the love on this one, any other teeter out there-EZ. And then it can go to it's final home at the Kitchen Brothers' temple with the other radio towers and RIP.