10 June 2009

Handling the pinwheel-a primer.

Can you tell the jumps are so low? That's for Ruby. I'm finding she can actually stay pretty sound if she jumps these super mini jumps, and Team Small Dog, we all like togetherness. So if one dog is doing a pinwheel, all dogs are doing pinwheels. One dog jumping super shorty jumps, everybody jumping super shorty jumps.

Actually these pictures are of Otterpop. And actually we worked on pinwheels because Gustavo needs to be a little more fluent in them. En espanol, es el pinwheel.

But I sort of thought I should use the pictures of Otterpop because I think I look skinniest with her.

Um, this is sort of a Greg Derrett thing, I think. Right? Statue of Liberty arm indicates where to go and so forth? Good morning sunshine, hello mountain dew? Isn't that a Greg Derrett song?

Pinwheels maybe seem dumb and boring and baby stuff to practice. Training wheels.

That's just what I felt like today. Have been in sort of a goddamn agility mood. Who needs it. It scares Gustavo, makes Ruby sore, makes me cry, costs money, requires ugly clothes, takes up all my time, makes me feel like a big huge dork of bad dog training at dog shows, and just a big huge dork in general. GodDAMN, agility. You're making me mad.

And then Otterpop is all "Manic! Manic! Seether! Manic! Frisbee! Manic! Manic!" and there's monkey screaming and we had to hike by the sewers, so I'm all, oh hell. Stopped at the practice field.

And maybe it was just a little bit fun. Just maybe. Like some of it, not. But moments, ok.


Amy Carlson said...

OMG, why do I feel such kinship?? I have three little black rescue dogs. My newest world champion The Spurminator reminds me of Gustavo. I just finished a week of agility training hell, teeter hell, what the hell. Wishing I could write like you, wishing I didn't feel like you..........

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team small dog said...

Right on, welcome to the parallell universe!

Elf said...

Man, me too, hate agility, love it. Can't live with it, can't leave it by the side of the road that you're walking on when you go by.

And TMH all jump 12" jumps this week while working on weave entries. Don't need any more supposed injuries to recover from. Save ourselves for 26" some other day.

Simba said...

great shots!!ode