29 June 2009

Because even civil war re-enactors need jobs during the off season.

Team Small Dog has weekend guests. Ones that enjoy throwing balls and dangle food very, very close to the ground. Meaty food.

The guests went to the barn and rode ponies. The Boardwalk to ride rides. The wharf to eat tacos.

And to the Roaring Camp, up in the mountains, to ride the old narrow gauge steam engine.

Some of the guests were forced to pose with the one armed conductor that pinches kid's noses.

But really, everyone was happy to ride the train up the side of the mountain through the giant redwoods.

Not all of Team Small Dog got to ride on the train. Just because. Gustavo was loving it, riding through the forest.

Until, the train had visitors on top of Bear Mountain.

Because what train ride for tourists isn't complete without rotten tooth civil war re-enactors staging a train robbery?

With guns. Yes! A real shoot out on the train full of little kids! If the creepy old gun slinger climbing aboard and yelling, "Hands Up Varmits," didn't already do them in, dying cowboys hitting the dust one by one was exactly what they needed to make their journey complete. BANG! BANG! BANG!

The completely freaked out train car of kids and shaking, quivering dogs had a super ride back down the mountain. NOW who was the lucky dog that got to go ride the train?

Luckily, at the bottom of the mountain was the bbq picnic. Hamburgers. Hotdogs.

And then everybody was just fine.

Although next time, we'll try something more relaxing like sailboat ride out to shark infested waters, or gopher trapping with Uncle Gary. No more mountain folk train rides.


Elf said...

nice photo story. Poor gustavo and the bandits! Wait--that sounds like a name for a children's book. Or a rock band.

Jen Lindsay said...

Did you happen to see a one legged Ken doll on that ride? Sometime back in the late 80's, I was on a train ride in the Santa Cruz area, and decided to torture my little brother by dangling his beloved Ken doll over the side of the train. By the time the ride ended, I had one Ken doll leg and one very, very upset little bro. I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm kind of a wicked person.