21 May 2009

Teeter Totter retrain-a primer involving channeling rodeo monkeys.

Whiplash always rides hard and holds on tight.

No matter how fast, how much whip, how much hop, or if Pistachio that cat runs out from underneath the car.

Bravest monkey I ever met. Or saw a picture of. Although Whiplash eats bugs and fruit and Gustavo gets string cheese and breast of Trader Joe's turkey.

The driveway teeters, looking smashing and after every ride, he's back in line to go again. Let's see them rodeo cowboys do that! Yee haw Big Pink!


Kathleen said...

Ahh, good to see the Goo riding high again on Big Pink! I knew he could do it!

vici whisner said...

Yippiee Ya O! Ride em Cowboy! Or should I say, "Ride em Charro!"

team small dog said...

Oh no-we have to return Big Pink! Sure was nice while we had it. Teeter rehab may be slower til we can get down to Salinas to borrow Nemesis Teeter.