28 May 2009

Team Small Dog channels an important message from King George the IVSomethingSomething.

As a public service, Team Small Dog offers some good advice as originally advice columned by King George of England. During WWII. Or just before it. When basically, the whole western world was going to shit.

Gustavo looks confused. Because is this Calm as in, don't Carry On when the border collies are running which involves monkeyscream? But if it's ok to Carry On, then is ok to monkeyscream? Like best of both worlds, Keep Calm until it's the border collies running then is ok to Carry On?

Or is it like an important psychic wave teleprompter message from Whiplash? The unflappable. Talk about a stiff upper lip. And a hairy one. Meaning just hold on tight. Don't let go. Use your tail when neccessary, and fingernails and gritted teeth. But no matter what, let's try not to freak out here. Because always. Always. ALWAYS. The dog eventually stops.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me for being a little curmudgeonly here (it's early and I haven't finished my coffee), but is this "remember, the dog always, always stops," sort of like how the horse "always always stops" (but maybe only AFTER it has run underneath an extremely low-hanging and extremely hard branch of a tree)?

team small dog said...

Well, yeah. But you gotta duck, right?

Anonymous said...

OK, got it now!

Keep Calm
Carry On

All set to meet the day, now.

Elayne said...

Finally got some teeter video if you're interested:

I think 'stay away from dogs with monkeys riding on their backs' is my take home message here. So far so good.

Anonymous said...

That shirt is inspiring me to new heights of consumer lust. I think that is this agility season's must-have. Visions of agility fashion shows with middle aged ladies in vests strutting down the runway dancing in my head.