29 May 2009

Cooking With the Team-Sickly Little Dog Edition

Dog been barfing for 3 days. Has to eat the magic secret recipe of dog health. This is totally up my cooking alley. Culinary lame-asses, you will like this too.

First, stop at Safeway on your way home and get some chicken baby food. And you will find out that the baby food aisle is conveniently located on the cookie aisle. Who was the marketing genius that figured that out? So get cookies too, and you can eat those on the way home, but whatever you do, don't give them to the barfing dog.

Then, stop at the Thai place on your way home and get some steamed rice. They do it up nice there. I recommend Sabieng Thai for the closeness to my house, but you could also go to the Chinese food place too. And also if you are stopping at the Thai place, you could get some fresh spring rolls and peanut butter high fat sauce. If you finished off the cookies already, you can eat these on the rest of the drive home. Whatever you do, don't give them to the barfing dog. And don't try to use the peanut butter high fat sauce as a dip in the car. Trust me on this one.

Put the rice and some baby food in a bowl. If dog is getting an appetite back and isn't barfing it up, finally, dog not sick no more. Then you can enjoy the rest of your cookies and spring rolls, if any are left, for your dinner.

I have this feeling. That this recipe going to incite some emails from those of you who shake yer head and go, that Laura. Damned IDIOT. Saying it like this. ID-EEE-YiT!! Didn't she even think about this could be a lot more serious than just dog barf? Liver damage? Obstruction? Maybe your sickly little dog ate an entire tube top or a man bikini that is wrapping around chunks of guts. Yes. If your dog's stomach feels weird and there's pain along with the barfing, then go to your vet. Or maybe you have vet friends and you can completely irritate them and make them late with your dog gastrointestinal questions but they will help you decide, emergency vet for xray and bloodwork, or just stick with secret magic recipe of dog health.

After a couple days of recipe of dog health, Gustavo is perky again. Perky. A nice way to say freaky, leapy spazzola. And there he goes! Was sort of weird and quiet at home with no little insane fox-like creature leaping around and around and around and around. Carry on!


vici whisner said...

I'm glad to Goober is feeling better. There is some weird virus thing going around. My dogs have had it. There is nothing in this world quite like shelties with the runs...ok maby Collies..

My personal fav is steamed rice from Aoi! that way I can pick up some of their yummy Maguro for me. I use large curd cottage cheese and boiled chicken breast. I find that better than baby food but more prep time. Just my little recipe.

Elf said...

Whew! Hope the dog barfing is all done with. Of course, that means no more cookies or spring rolls for you, but one sometimes has to make these sacrifices.

Elayne said...

Sheesh, if I went to the vet every time a dog barfed I'd have no money for cookies.

Deb said...

We had the same thing over here, Laura. Kip's lasted three days (same diet, but used turkey instead of chicken) and Kacie barfed once last weekend. I especially liked our bedroom's wall to wall diarrhea around 3 am. Poor Kip needed the outside facilities in the middle of the night and couldn't get outside. Glad to hear things are better for you now.

team small dog said...

Yeah, when a teensy dog can't hold down any food or water for 3 days, I am very glad I have my vet friends! An 11lb dog looks like a tiny skeleton after 3 days, no food. Finally, I think he is all good. Ran down the beach last nite like a rocket and ran head on into a seal, it flippered off into the water and he just ran around in circles til it swam off.