06 May 2009

Dog Agility Rehab-Working the program with Big Pink.

Gustavo is now very well acquainted with our new friend, Big Pink.

He waits at the end of the driveway. Yes, in the street. Maybe this not recommended for everybody to try at home. Evil Knievel always said the same thing. But the cult of Big Pink has taken on superstar status with Team Small Dog and simultaneously seems to be a great deterrant for old drunk guys coming up and trying to sell me stolen bricks. Because EVERYBODY wants a ride on Big Pink.

Except for old drunk guys. Gustavo is CRAZY to ride Big Pink.

Big Pink is still propped on a table and has dropcloths to cushion the clanky blow to the cement. And I'm always there at the end to tip it at different rates of drop, and to have a nice piece of cheese to accompany him on his ride down. Like warm nuts and champagne in first class. For astronauts. Little tiny black furry astronauts.

So far, dog agility rehab, so good.


vici whisner said...

It's time to take it on the road. When can you come my way! V

vici whisner said...

PS: We don't have old guys selling bricks, but might have a few crazy neighbors who don't fix their cats.

team small dog said...

Yes, I definitely need to figure out a trip over to your place!

some random female said...

Tell that guy I want my bricks back!