30 April 2009

Out of order due to blasted hogs.

Actual hospital photo taken literally a FRACTION OF A SECOND before fever hit.

The surgeon general confirmed this fact today. Gustavo's teeter totter was attacked by pig fever on Saturday at the trial. It was such a messy attack that it even affected his dogwalk and a-frame. The fever did go down this week, but however spiked again yesterday evening when exposed to dirt in the dark. I picked up antibiotics at my friend the doctor's house last night. They are pink and super fancy and can live in my driveway for a while, to be administered twice daily. With chicken. Not bacon.

I heard this fever can last a long time. Ottepop had it for one year as a baby and it still flares up every so often when she gets stressed out. Like actually she had an ugly flareup just this past weekend. Please don't laugh and point when she has a flareup, my friends. It's an unfortunate part of growing up for some. Gustavo's case should heal a lot quicker, but one never knows. I even just cancelled his playdate for the knitting team competition so he won't even come home with a tube top.

You can send him cards, flowers, See's candy and really good presents care of me. I'll make certain he gets them. Maybe someday, someday a long time far away, I won't screw up a dog agility dog with fevers, mental illness, sore shoulders, whatever other diseases I seem to spread around my dog family.


Matt said...

We have a teeter up here in Menlo Park. Team Small Dog is welcome any time!

Elf said...

Taj MuttHall has a teeter if you're ever in the south san jose area. Actually we have two, but the other one is visiting the other Ellen up in wherever it is that she lives while they work on their teeter issues--successfully, apparently. Sparkle has visited our teeter(s) in her quest to be not a dog who leaps off teeters on the way up--successfully, apparently, since they just got their ADCH last weekend.

team small dog said...

Thanks for the offers! i will see where our teeter tour takes us!