11 March 2009

The time has changed so we get to go to the beach after work, and also, I saw the DEAD RACCOON with it's bleached little skull and hand bones.

Now that it gets dark later, more chance to get to the beach after work. Ruby has to think about this for a minute, but I think she's basically happy about it. She wasn't so much into running and chasing, and went off to do a project.

The other 2, they're happy and they're gonna let everyone know about it. Loudly.

And with running-barking.

And leaping.

And much more loudness.

And then by doing a hoochie dance.

And that scarey stare until you throw the thing.

Which turns into a scarey stare when running after the thing.

This goes on and on, because it's not even dark yet. Thank you time change. Also, walking back up, Gustavo found it. The dead raccoon. Just stiffly sprung over a log, up by the cliff. Not putrified.


Anonymous said...

that Otterpop scarey stare till you throw the thing is most definitely a cattle dog stare...i know it well.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Those are the best photos ever. OMG.