12 March 2009

Dirt Nite in a dirty little nutshell.

Since the most loyal Team Small Dog reader and our good friend Mary missed Dirt Nite, here's the summary of all things that happened. Because I know this is what she would want.

I got there late and the porta potties were moved somewhere else.

We put all the stuff out there. It was heavy and dirty, as usual.

We had beginner classes. I got mad at a dog that ran out of my class and out to the field to chase a horse and everyone got to see Laura get mad, run all the way down there, drag the dog back, and banish that dog to it's car. Surely mortifying the handler.

Someone in the 7pm class brought chocolate chip cookies because her dog won a costume contest and it was his birthday. They were homemade. Dog birthdays, whatever. However, cookies!

Rob brought no border collies and I decided that I'm not running Gustavo for a while in Dirt Nite. And Mary was gone. It was just so, quiet. We could hear the sounds of little birds and so forth.

The moon came up and it was orange.

It was sunny and nice then it was dark and got really cold.

We had tunnels with all the contacts and it was discriminatey.

A lot of the courses, something like jump jump jump poles jump tunnel tire bunch of jumps table couple jumps teeter tunnel jump a-frame. You know how they go. I did a lot of front crosses. I can always find a place for a front cross.

It was weird just running 2 dogs and I only ran Ruby some because I'm trying to make her last. I did let her do an a-frame, it's been months I think. She was happy, happy, happy.

Cedar had some dog biscuits. Cayenne missed a contact. Otterpop was barking. Izzy was perfect.

We packed up quick and everyone drove out the gate in a single file line.

I made a video too. It's not about dirt. It's just about.


Double S said...

I heart TSD.

Love the soundtrack to the video. Thanks for the notes and video. A treat!

Anonymous said...

Son, or Dirt Night - Son, or Dirt Night - Son, or Dirt Night - Son, or Dirt Night...Dirt Night!

Wait... NO!!! I mean SON!!!

I missed "jump jump jump poles jump"??? I KNEW Rob would plan something special on the ONE night I miss! Thanks so much for making sure I found out, BFF Laura!

Amber-Mae said...

Good job with the contacts!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

why did the video go away? and what was the soundtrack that went away with it? what did we miss because we were hiking the the mountains today?

team small dog said...

Hmm, it's still there when I checked. It's on youtube too. Maybe your computer doesn't like it. I dunno. Computers are weird.


You don't miss much if you miss it. I just liked watching the teeter slam. And had a nice Eels song for some contacts.