13 March 2009

Just another night.

On my block, there's a guy that was standing there, waving his arms around like a dramatic thespian trying to make a very important point. Had a kid's bmx bike leaned against John's fence. John used to own a flower shop then he became a parking lot attendant. His house needs paint worse than mine. It's across the street from the flat house with the buddha on the porch and all the weeds. Guy with the bmx bike, standing there howling about not being able to find something. Never found out what. We just keep on walking by. Guy had giant fluffy hair all kind of stuffed into a crocheted hat, and a striped shirt.

When we were down on the beach, some people had a giant kite, like a big orange fish but with wings and a long tail. It crashed down, and was laying there. Gustavo saw it and had a major meltdown. Worse than I've ever seen. Mind, so blown. At first it was sort of funny, a giant beach, a giant fish on the sand, and a tiny dog immobilized due to the fish, barking his tiny head off with a giant monkeyscream. Hardly anyone else on the beach except for us, the kite people, and the black and white dog chasing a tennis ball from one of those plastic things. The tall wife and the short husband.

Me and Ruby and Otterpop finally circle back to Gustavo and the fish kite with wings. Otterpop dragging a giant stick, as usual. I go up and touch the kite. Nice kite. Sorry it crashed. Gustavo comes closer, still barking. Otterpop's hair all standing up on end, she is spinning circles and Ruby looks confused. No one really gets why he is so worked up. They're all business as usual. Giant flying orange fish, whatever. But there's this whole danger vibe going on and I see Otterpop going to the dark place. The look in her eye. Too stressed out, man. So we go.

Walking back, the lady who stands on corners sometimes with her lunging dog in a dog coat, just standing there, she's walking through the field. Lunging, overdressed dog sniffing in the grass, and the lady is on her phone. She's always on her phone. I think there's something wrong with her and something wrong with her dog. I see them up ahead, and break into a run. We get up some good speed, and run by them. They don't even notice, we fly by like a flash as fast as we all can, and run to the end of the path.


Postscript-This is a link for a video broadcast fundraiser for rabies vaccine research this weekend. I don't know much about it, agility lady extraordinaire Katie sent it to me and asked that I pass it along. If you are interested in rabies vaccine research, you may want to investigate this:

Northeast Rabies Challenge Fund Live Stream


Elf said...

Wow, I just had an exploding brain moment where I thought that TSD had started writing poetry and had posted the latest in the lower right corner. Until I realized what it really was. But here's the poem (just a little tweaking of punctuation):

Just another night.
Dirt Nite in a dirty little nutshell.
The time has changed so we get to go to the beach.
This is what they're wearing as the economy comes..
Top Ten Lessons Learned At Sunday's Fun Match,
A treatise on defeating the bummerness.
Perhaps some insight into why Team Small Dog, not
the raccoon, she may be putrified, if you even make
five Ways to Blow Gustavo's Mind.

I think it could sell!

team small dog said...

That is a nice poem! Much nicer than the real poems I wrote about naughty dogs. All in the editing!

Anonymous said...

the rabies challenge is a study to prove that the immunity gained from the vaccine will last longer than the 3 yrs it is labeled for... hopefully, this will guide revision of antiquated legislation that requires poor doggies to be jabbed as frequently as every year to be legal in some states, thus increasing the risk of a life-threatening reaction to said vaccine. although it only takes ONE jab to do irreversible damage (from personal experience)
anyway, it is a pricey ticket to the live feed, even if it is for a good cause...