15 February 2009

Weave pole basics, because a cake just isn't always just a cake.

After work, we drove fast down to Salinas yesterday. Sort of racing like. Because I am Jeff Gordon, number 24 NASCAR and I can beat the rain? Also, because in the world of dog agility, you are always driving somewhere that isn't just around the corner to the liquor store and it's useful to see if you can get there faster. With shortcuts. Secret shortcuts. And also because it was See's Candy day at work, being Valentines and I had like 19 pieces before I flew down the driveway. So we drove to Salinas, which is a good drive because you pass several houses with stone deer and bear tableaus. I couldn't stop to take photos, however, now being wide eye jacked up on Nuts and Chews and doing a time trial of fastness driving and also trying to beat the rain. Because it was my favorite border collie's birthday. Hobbes is 10 years old. And I had to give him a piece of cheese. A pretty rotten present, but I also got my own husband genuine Nothing for Valentines, so Hobbes doing pretty good getting a piece of cheese.

And for really because Rob said he would help me with Gustavo. Because I am like "Wah, wah, wah, I am sucking at training my dog!" all the time and so Rob said he would see if he could fix us. And actually, as it turns out, at Rob's house he isn't that broken, like maybe he isn't really all that sucky and I am just a whiney complainer from seeing his first standard video. Which you all saw too and mostly were just all, hey nice pants.

Vintage addidas.

He did miss some poles here and there, but he also hit a lot too. No, my non dog agility friends, not HIT hit them. But starts his windy little trip through them at the right spot. I know dog agility looks arbitrary and shrieky and actually, super lame to some of you, my non dog agility friends, the ones still with me here after I started talking about dog birthday presents. But there is precision and organization and rule following here. And being a non precise, non organized, bad rule follower, this makes agility super hard sometimes. Mostly, Rob looked at me sort of quizzical like, and was like, maybe you shouldn't be obsessing so much on these poles. Because you know. Bad feelings sent via esp to your poor damn dog with obsessing.

Holey nuts and chews.

Uh, yeah. He also suggested trying a sort of MSG (modified Susan Garrett-ooh the thought just sends chills down my spine. Does one dare modify the Susan Garrett and live to tell about it?) 2 poles backup plan. Sort of like, you are a bad Top Chef and you keep on throwing the balsamic vinegar and scallops with fruit and cheddar cheese in the cuisinart and keep on making whatever the hell it is you are trying to make there, but also at the same time practice your Knife Skills and learn to fillet the boney little sardine. I don't even have a cuisinart. So a new little project to add on to the project list.

Which brings me to the project today because being somewhat holiday impaired, didn't deal with Valentines and so have promised to make a nice cake for my nice husband today. Actually didn't even deal with Top Chef last week and have no idea who's even left. But my nice husband did deal with Valentines and sure deserves a nice cake. A bundt cake, to be more precise. Sort of retro cool if I bake it wearing a pantsuit, right? Probably all you know Laura good enough to know, holey nuts and chews. That's gonna involve recipes and the oven and a mixer and pantsuit selection perhaps with pucci style accessories and fiasco, sure to follow. Also thought as long as making the bundt cake, how about a whole genuine cooked meal to go with it with, you know, food and stuff. Something somewhat more complex than my super popular dish, cold pizza from refrigerator. Hmm. Something that speaks to the whole issue of not just a cake, but a bundt cake.

So off to select appropriate footwear and, wait. How this helping his weave poles?


Anonymous said...

Is the door installed?

team small dog said...

No, that would be silly to have a front door in the rain. But we do have a giant blue tarp and actually the whole front of house is intact because Brian is a smart, upstanding citizen. Something to do with the garbage man who masquerades as the hot mopper and the rain and the flashing. And that I don't actually have front door in possession. But actually it is not a fiasco, it is fine. Although you should drive by my house to see my fine blue tarp!