11 February 2009

Print 'n' Save Coursemap Day.

You think I don't make coursemaps and stuff when I practice? You think it's just random because I seem sort of uh, random? And you saw Gustavo's first standard run. Like someone who does sad little practices by running around in the forest and actually, not practicing. But I do! I do! And here's some course maps for you so you can practice too.

First thing when I get to the field, say hi to the sheep!

Then it's time to drag stuff around. I move fast. I have limited time folks. Like Dennis Hopper. He never thought he'd be doing boring commercials for Ameriprise. Yet now he is. Poor Dennis Hopper. We all only have so much time. Drag drag drag drag drag.

Start out with some dogwalk ends, blazing fast and staying there. Sort of like muffin tops, except they're dogwalk ends. These make for some super fast dogwalks later on. Trust me. I don't have a course map for this. It's easy. Grab yer dog, stick em halfway up the end and they should be in a FRENZY to run down to their stellar contact. Do this a bunch. They have to HOLD that contact and you can lead out to jumps far away. Then RUN!

Do some boxes with wraps alternating to 180's and front crosses and rear crosses to the teeter. Boxes? Just follow the cow and the sickle.

Long leadout from the tire to the tunnel to a line of jumps that rear cross to the poles. Uh. Getting into the poles at the right spot. Not the second pole. This is an issue for Gustavo right now. His poles have gotten super fast, and consistent except for the little missing that entry issue. Big issue. We are starting project 6 pole entry bootcamp in my driveway again. Ruby got to do just the tunnel a few times. She looks ok. I dunno. Not going to press the issue and let her get lamer finding out. So she just pretends she's practicing what the other dogs do but really it's just sending out to a tunnel a few times for her turn.

Some tunnel/a-frame discriminations from doing that whole thing backwards. Also teaching Gustavo that fun gamblers skill of tunnel a-frame tunnel a-frame.

Then I made a course. A really hard one. Ran it first with Otterpop. Then Gustavo, who benefits from working out the mistake kinks with Otterpop. Who doesn't care about mistakes, that dog'll run all day if it involves a frisbee. Most of her mistakes the direct result of doing most of her practice at distance work. Gambler's Q's. So when I practice courses, she is all about the Out. If only Gambler's Q's took place in the privacy of our practices. Bring on those crazy hard gambles, because we have 'em.

So you can do Team Small Dog's Tuesday course, too. Start at cow over on the top right. It's:

Cow-poles, then our little discrimination thingy. Cow, cow a-frame, Right Tunnel.

Then an out to the backside of cow, and a quad serpentine cow cow cow cow, if cow can also be a tire.

Then up the bone to a good contact, to our sickle box.

Back down to cow tire which is a THREADLE, ok? Then a pull back into pipe, back up the cow line that ends with that rear cross into the poles.

Right on!


vici whisner said...

I'm all over this! I just don't understand why this stuff isn't in clean run magazine...it is fabulous. I'm sure that Fin will improve greatly using this course...it has everything!

Anonymous said...

I hope Rob remembers to bring the cows to Dirt Night tonight. Head 'em out, move 'em in!

delilahbowie said...

best course maps ever.

I should try to imagine serpentines as something cute, like pygmy goats. Cause I hate serpentines.