28 February 2009

Just a plain, old, agility video.

Does this prove or teach or show you anything? Just that all my dogs are small. All of them feel like they run way faster than it looks like on video. I edited out the parts where I sweat and breathe heavy. And all of them have various degrees of success in bringing back the frisbee. You know where Ruby goes during the frisbee part? Far, far away from Otterpop, snarky little wootch. Gustavo? Never going to be a superstar of fetching. Also somehow didn't end up with any of the sequences where I brought out his red stuffed sausage animal. So too bad. Don't get to watch me and Gustavo do agility with a shredded up terry cloth sausage. Nothin' fancy here, nothin' dramatic, just a couple shorty sequences on a sunny day with the whole team. Stuff like this, pretty much how everyone learns everything.


debnull said...

That was great -- I even got "supur" as a word verification word so the universe must agree!

- the other deb

Simba said...

Great video - what fun! Wish I could come play too!!! ;o)