06 November 2008

The first Dirt Nite with our new president happens.

Am happy to report that the first post election Dirt Nite brought Gustavo pretty good weave poles and harmony between all the dogs of Team Small Dog. Although I do wonder, was it the blow of the passing of Proposition 8, a major backslide in civil rights for all, that caused Hobbes to drop so many bars? Even when I front crossed super early and was quiet as a mouse? I feel your pain Hobbes. Makes me want to drop bars too. When I learned that over 50% of my fellow Californians believe that it's wrong for gays to have the same rights as straights?

Maybe why Gustavo was squirrely and off coursey too. They are sensitive souls, those two. Love to bark loud when dogs are running. Which actually makes me crazy and enlisted numerous people to drop treats in his mouth. Well, Gustavo's. Although Hobbes shrunk down to small dog size and spent the evening pretending he is a naughty barking puppy to get people to throw him treats too. Maybe those two need to manage the whatever comes next for civil rights. Maybe Obama get himself a Hobbes and a Gustavo and after he fixes the economy, no WHILE HE FIXES THE ECONOMY, he fixes the big fat gap of civil rights inequity in our messed up country of ours.

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Double S said...

Do you think that Gustavo and Hobbes actually know that Obama/Hopey is going to take the control of Dog Agility? I mean, maybe they still think you're going to be in in control of those proverbial leashes forever, and that's why they were squirrely and jumpy and bar-knocky?