05 October 2008

Save the date for a Lighthouse Field Court Date!

Here's your clip-n-save invitation for Court. Just a reminder. Feel free to download and print and pass out to your friends. Or email it around. I say the more the merrier when it comes to court.

Download, Print, Clip 'N' Save-Fun, Easy, Cheap 'N' Educational!

Or maybe you are an attorney and you're like, Oh My Gawd People who Watched LA Law in the 80's should not be representing themselves and you think Pro Bono legal work for dog ladies is like super fun, and there, you see my email there scrawled on the bottom? You email me and we chat.

And hey, if you're new here, and you're like, Where's Sarah Palin? Where's dog agility? What's going on? Look down. See where it says Labels: Lighthouse Field, and I think that Lighthouse Field is written in RED? If your internet looks like mine. I told it to be written in red but god knows what it looks like by the time it gets to your house. Click on Lighthouse Field. It should take you to much of this long, long story about just walking our dogs where we always have and then the assault weapons and then all the episodes of Courtroom Drama.

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