06 October 2008

Every day should be Sunday.

Huevos rancheros. And muffins.

Pull seaweed.

Lose seaweed.

Eat seaweed.

Dog training. Almost looking at the camera.

Dog training. One dog on the pumpkin at the time.

Dog training. Try not to fall off the pumpkin.

Dog training. Try a contact on the pumpkin.

Dog training. Almost looking at the camera.

Dog training. If you're a trained dog, sit still. Untrained dog, sit with Gary.

Go do some agility. At a party! Trained dogs, sit in x-pen until it's your turn. Gustavo did poles. With some wires on. Small steps, yet steps nonetheless.

Untrained dog, sit in a party guest's lap. If you have learned how to climb out of x-pen and run out onto course. BB, agility courses not good places for tiny chihuahua!

Help train the golden retriever to be a dogsled pulling dog. Training consists of running next to dog throwing treats in dog mouth. Learned maybe not everyone wants dog to gallop top speed in the dog cart. Sorry! No one hurt. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Happy Birthday Rob. Note drawing of Hobbes on cake. I did not draw this.


Elf said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. Entertaining photos. Who knew you could turn pumpkins into dog-training opportunities! Now I must rush out and buy one.

Agility Foot said...

Rob had a birthday? The Turlock crew will need to celebrate his birthday tonight with a few blind crosses!!