09 October 2008

Get well soon Black Beauty.

Black Beauty looks like she lost all her money in the stock market. Really though, just spent a couple days in a very nice animal hospital and came out without a uterus. Now has a giant scar that takes up a whole chihuahua belly and is not allowed to jump up onto laps til I snip those sutures in a couple weeks. Always hard to see your dog or anybody in pain from surgery, how about teensy little blinky bug eyes staring at you and blinking back tears while tiny little shaking feet beg you to pull off that e-collar for better suture licking? Hear that's how some people get their own doctors to let 'em out of hospital early after even more major surgery. Not naming names. Especially if your name is Dad.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ack. Did you have to leave us with the image of BB blinking back tears? Now I won't be able to do anything useful for the rest of the day.

Buck up, BB. The world needs your insightful politically commentary, now more than ever. Rise to the challenge, and the next 10 days will be gone before you know it (we can only hope...).