10 October 2008

700 billion squirrels!

The other evening, I tried to explain to the dogs about the Commercial Paper Market. And Credit Default Swaps. Oh, and Hedge Funds. And Federal Regulators. Who actually didn't have anything to do with regulating any of the former. Black Beauty is feeling a lot better and she really gets this kind of stuff. How did we not have our own chihuahua before? She was a big Alan Greenspan fan. Oh, Black Beauty. She's hanging her head low these days. But she also has a giant row of stitches across her stomach.

Gustavo can only listen to this for so long. When you start talking to him about a bailout, you mention this guy Paulson, and he thinks you're saying, "700 Billion Squirrels for You!" and then he runs away. Or he thinks you're saying, "It's time for Flea Stuff!" and he runs away. He just wants to do weave poles in the driveway. He could give a little hairy paw about what's going on with the economy. Otterpop and Ruby, they're ready to start stuffing rawhides under the dog beds. Bury them in the yard. Prudent, those two are.

Black Beauty, have you heard about the Stock Injection Plan? Have you heard of this one? Black Beauty? Black Beauty? Hey, where'd you go Black Beauty? I think, what I'm learning about chihuahuas is, that every time they stick their tails between their legs and skulk off, the Dow drops a whole bunch. Sort of like those Christmas angels that ring bell in your ears if you're Jimmy Stewart? Has anyone seen Black Beauty?

You also might like the NPR Planet Money podcast, in case you don't have your own chihuahua yet.

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Elf said...

I love getting a good laugh from TSD in the morning, especially with Everyone Panicking out there. And the photos are perfect.