18 October 2008

Earthquake weather, but in a good way.

How do I explain this? The last couple nights, one of the big reasons that once you live in Santa Cruz, hard to leave. Even when real estate prices too high, rangers too plentiful, traffic too thick, politics too bizarre. Minus tide, stunning sunset, giant flat beaches, and a heat wave. Usually it's just called earthquake weather. Full moon, and tides suck out so far leaving big, flat hard beaches. Never know if earthquake coming or not, 19 years since our last big one. Every little things dogs do weird, wonder, is it coming? Why those horses tails hanging like that? They know something we don't?

No one really goes down to the low tide beaches, it's October. Not beach weather. Not really beaches you would think to go lay around in the sand on anyways. More like stretches of open coast, made for traveling on. So you load up horses in the trailer, or take the dogs down. Separate. No place now you can have them both easily. And Ruby is my only dog that can deal with galloping horses. Gustavo, don't trust him to not get under feet and Otterpop feels the need to herd speed. 15lbs of mean vs. 1100 of hooved. Black Beauty, she's not a horse galloping chihuahua that I can tell, although look how wrong I was on the tote bag thing. Miles and miles of beach from Moss Landing to the Salinas rivermouth where the bird sanctuary is. Or from Seascape out to Manresa, best open beach to run dogs anywhere.

Sun going down, not a cloud in the sky, wearing a t-shirt, millions of birds flying overhead, make you feel like that Lenny Kravitz video inside the dome with the millions of shiney lights. Pelicans and gulls by the million, overhead swarms casting layers of bat shadows that make the horses spook right and left. Dolphins swimming around so close in you can almost see their little eyeballs, riding waves in, doing Flipper tricks just because they know you see them. Screwing around until dark. Just riding or running the dogs while the sun sits low, watching it drop til it's a firey little slit, over the freakish Maxfield Parrish colored water, under the Maxfield Parrish colored sky, just behind the dolphins. Dogs have run out so far, tiny little dots across the flat sand, running impossibly fast and low after some skinny little shore birds, casting these amazing shadows. How does water and sky look like that? Doesn't seem right somehow. Don't even try to take a picture. Won't do to have a crappy picture of that. Just seems wrong. Have to stop and gape as it pops down under the horizon and wonder for a minute. How do you live somewhere where you don't have this?