19 October 2008

Best boy dogs.

photo:Rob Michalski

Gustavo and Hobbes. Hobbes isn't even my dog, but he's my other favorite boy dog. Poor Gustavo. So outnumbered by the girls now. Used to be more gender equal in the dog department around here-Timmy and Gustavo, Ruby and Otterpop. Gustavo never really knew Timmy Best Dog before he was old and sick. So I try to make sure he hangs out with Hobbes for a good boy dog role model whenever he can. Hobbes doesn't really notice him. Gustavo is some little jumpy flea making monkey sounds and there is agility to be done and time to get on with it. Whenever Hobbes has to walk around with my dogs, he just steps on them and takes the frisbee for his own. Little swarm of chihuahuas, probably what he thinks. Otterpop hates him for his love of whatever toy she has. He is so ginormous though, that they let Hobbes do whatever he wants. And he barks louder than them. Otterpop usually shuts up though when Hobbes barks. A plus!

photo: Rob Michalski

Rob, Hobbes's owner, took these. He takes a lot of pictures. I am very, very lucky he let me learn to run Hobbes. He's super ultra trained, LAA Platinum. Some good training there, Rob. At first I thought that Hobbes was just my practice dog, learn to run a big fast dog with him. As I got to know him better, realized I just really liked him as a dog. Kind of became his stalker. Rob and Hobbes have both been my mentors of how to run dogs. I don't know what Hobbes thinks of me. Pretty good tugger, likes to run really fast, brings along Trader Joe's Mini Party Meatballs for lying down on the table, doesn't rear cross a whole lot and when you run with Laura, she let's you blow off a-frame contacts sometimes. Keys to Hobbes's border collie heart. He doesn't hate me for making him knock bars sometimes. I basically decided in training Gustavo to see if I could make him a mini version of Hobbes. Somewhere along the line realized that Gustavo is his own dog, and Hobbes is his own dog, and no one is a version of anyone. They are both the best.

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