06 September 2008

Hi and welcome to the creeps.

I have my backup plan to get sort of a picture, but everybody has to hold really, really still. Do you hate this time of year? Fall is the worst. It is depressing season. Hate it. The light changes, and to get tired dogs, have to just run 'em in the dark now next to my bike.

Fall is the season where stuff starts dying. The light is creepy. Sarah Palin gives us the creeps. The air gives me the creeps. I just walk around having the creeps basically til the rain starts now. Because it's time killer months of reminding you there's no going backwards to summer anymore.

And someone starts talking about leaves? And crispness? Indian summer? This is their FAVORITE time of year? Like maybe is yours. Or maybe you're like me and just this week you started to get your creeps.


Anonymous said...

Another possible plan for the resumption of picture-posting (although I'm QUITE happy to see the courtroom illustrations continue):


Fall would be fine in my book if they just got rid of the part about the days getting shorter.

Kathy said...

Sarah Palin DEFINITELY gives us the creeps. Ugh.

Elf said...

It's very odd. Palin definitely creepy. Then I wonder whether it's just because she's Republican. Or because of the hairstyle. Or because she's a woman and despite thinking I've lived a life of liberation, biases lurk where I don't expect them. Excep then I realize that she just gives me the creeps for everything she seems to stand for, none of which I do.

I hate the days getting shorter. Seems like half my life is taken up with days getting shorter. How's that work?

Anonymous said...

SP is scary! As if there weren't already enough reasons to vote Democratic, McCain picks a scary fundamentalist. Good move, McCain.