05 September 2008

Team Small Dog, BFF to State Parks, Helps BFF with a New Wildlife Guide to Lighthouse Field.

We were thinking the other day, on our enjoyable, yet illegal, walk through Lighthouse Field, Team Small Dog maybe needs to practice more the Secret. We should be working on God's plan, because that's what Sarah Palin would want us to do if she were the Vice President then starting Actual Running of the Country as President should we be blessed yet cursed with the rapid death of John McCain, shortly before anarchy and Hiya Just Drill Some More Oil Here take over the US. Just saying. Doesn't hurt to plan ahead for a new era. Just in case.

So in that spirit, we are going to be more helpers for the California State Parks system. BFF. Best Friends FOREVER! We are nicey nicey with you, State Parks. And we are making you a nice wildlife guide, starting today, to help your park attendees who want to take in some Natural Beauty with Dogs on Leashes, in Lighthouse Field State Park.

Let's start with some clip-n-save coupons, to help you identify flora and fauna and sights and smells.

Thanks Otterpop!

Thanks Ruby! She is Always the one who finds the taqueria and harbor fish dump piles out there!

Thanks Gustavo! He vanishes so quick we don't always know what his little sniffer picked up but it usually involves Burger King wrappers!

What About the Nature out there? Used to be dogs and birds. But wait! Now there's More!

Awww, who doesn't love a kitty. Or two. Or ten. Or twenty. Little fluffy breeders!

So many pretty camp spots under the trees. Hey Otterpop, guess where you can find some more hot stinking man shit?

Wow, we could go on and on with these Popular Specimens. But golly gee, we gotta go to work!


Anonymous said...

I dunno 'bout anyone else but I hope TSD's camera remains broken. I love the illustrations!

Elf said...

I just came here to say the same thing! How much time does it take to make a clever TSD courtroom drawing compared to uploading and reviewing all those photos to find the one that you want and then editing and posting it?

But I do like TSD photo style, too, and I learn from that. So maybe TSD in the future could always include some of each here and there? We can only hope!

team small dog said...

Cameras both sick and in hospital in Illinois. Have only pens left. And paper. Once I break my 3 pens then we are in HUGE trouble. Wait, will go get some CLAY in that case!!! Perhaps clay sculpture faster than either of those things?

Elayne said...

And I came here to say yet the same thing. I think you should set up shop at agility trials and do sketches of people's dogs. I know I would totally buy one.

Agility Foot said...

I know Lighthouse Field well and your drawings capture it perfectly. It's extremely important to watch where you step while visiting the field and what your dogs are snarfing down.

Anonymous said...

Great! Elayne would totally buy. So would I! So, all you have to do is make 1 million sketches for $1 each and you have the ranch! Ok, maybe there are not yet 1,000,000 dogs even doing agility, yet. And maybe if it takes 30 minutes per sketch, you would be dead before the ranch.
So, how about $25 per sketch times 10 sketches per agility Sunday times 25 agility Sundays per year. Let me get my calculator out, here. Hmm, still 160 years until the ranch. Ok, $50 per sketch times 25 sketches times 50 Sundays. Only 16 years til the Ranch!

Ok, captions an extra ten bucks. That will cut it down some.

Or maybe, how about two sketches for Oprah's favorite two dogs @ $500,000 each. I'd got that route.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they can really afford Heineken if they are shitting in the bushes? My guess is it's cheap vodka and Natty Light for these guys. Sometimes, when agility makes me poor, I'm forced to buy Bud Light. Thanks big expensive plane ride to California. I'm drinking Bud Light for a month.

Lisa B. said...

Oh, Lucy is a bi9g fan of the stinking man shit. We used to encounter all the time in the Parks when we lived in Chicago. The worst was the time she ate some and then after we got home she threw it up on the rug.

Plus, totally, totally seriously, I think you should sell the originals to these drawings on Etsy or something.

And I would gladly pay for sketches of my dogs if they looked as cool as the sketches of your dogs.