14 September 2008

Got some free chihuahuas for ya.

Anybody want their own Otterpops? Cuz I got a couple for ya, real cheap. Like free. Exact same type of Watsonville Street Chihauhua. Skinnier. Probably same kind of mean and weird and not so socialized.

So are they good dogs? Yeah, just like Otterpop was a good dog and I had to keep her so as not to be the good dog as she was with a normal family. So that kind of dog. But you know who is one of my favorite dogs? Otterpop. So those kind of dogs can turn into damn good dogs. They keep you on your toes. A lot.

How did I get my Otterpop Watsonville street chihuahua? Captured off the side of the road after being spotted for a couple days straight, chasing cars down a couple country roads. In Watsonville, there are a lot of migrant families. Things happen, families get uprooted in the night and vanish. La migra. The weather. The no paycheck. The drinker. The drugas. It's a hard life when you're working for near pennies. Dogs get dumped. Not a priority when homelessness is hitting hard and fast, a ugly wind that slaps you in the face and keeps knocking you down even if you're clawing your way up. And isn't going to stop. Maybe ever. Just how it is. That's how it is with these 2 dogs.

Were the beloved pups of some of the coolest kids I know. Knew. Oscar, Christian and Tony. Guys, I hope you make it out of the poverty and alcoholism and shitty, shitty lives you are having right now. If any kids ever could, these guys could. Awesome kids, man did they get the wrong family. Dad. I dunno. Who am I to say. Might not ever know how they turn out, because in a heartbeat they packed up and took the boys to the Pacific Northwest to move in with some family last night. Before I even had time to slip them any cash, each boy something to hold tight to in a pocket, know it's there if things go wronger.

These dogs, they got captured and found by the boys after someone else dumped them. Built a little pen for them up by their trailer at the top of the ranch. Followed their bikes around, barked in the pen. Not the luxury dogs of a dog agility lady with all the stuff dog agility dogs get. No massages and liver treats and stuffed things with squeakies. No one talks about their poops and if they can get them in for acupuncture or swim therapy. These dogs, lived in the dirt. Would be thrilled to have a clean towel to lay on. Honestly, animal shelter might be like staying at Comfort Inn. With cable. Shitty cable, on a tv that don't hardly work from the vantage point of the suspect polyester bedspread, but cable none the less.

And now dumped by another family. But you can't take a family of 5 and all the dogs and all the stuff in one tiny pickup truck when you have to leave town like right now. And long story short, some weeping voice mails, dogs still up there in the pen and gonna see if anyone wants them, otherwise gonna have to take 'em to the shelter. Just don't have the lifestyle and cash and setup now for more dogs. Is the way it is. This is the way things are. Your heart gets broke, their hearts get broke, you want to fix things, but there's some days that ain't going to have no good answer at the end of it all. For me, try to find homes for a couple dogs. For the boys, losing the dogs just another episode in a long story that isn't going anywhere right.

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Elf said...

Dang, this makes it really hard to feel grumpy about having contacts that don't wait for releases.

So very very many dogs, so few homes.