28 August 2008

Today begins the Countdown to the Regionals.

Starting on Friday, the Frozen Margarita Ring Games begin!

I just found that out. That one of the rings feature frozen margaritas during the Friday night pairs classes. Truth or just mean rumor and when we get there and find a bunch of waters from Costco? I'll bring some beer. Now I am super highly motivated to get there on time. If anyone sees my partners, tell them I'll be there! I am still at work! Then stopping at the liquor store! I am super at running courses I haven't walked.

So it is also known as Bayteam Regionals. Bayteam is my other dog club and this is one heckuva doozy of a trial coming up this weekend. 5 rings. 3900 runs. Starts out with Friday night Pairs, which Katie has told me feature margaritas and she is coming all the way from Conneticut for margarita agility. Look for her black and white sheltie. Look for my blue tent Katie! And a buncha little black dogs. I think the margaritas will be a good thing because I just heard on the news that it is going to be 180 degrees this weekend? Is that right? What is the melting point of stain resistant skorts?

Then on Saturday is work and Dam Team and work and Grand Prix. The work sort of weaseled back in there. I am skipping the Dam Team part. Thanks work! So hi! If I am missing my walk through you guys will show me where to put dangerous front crosses, right? Walking courses, highly overrated.

Then Sunday and Monday are just loads more classes and Steeplechase is in there somewhere and hopefully Gamblers and this and that.

So maybe you heard me whining. My dogs were like kidnapped last weekend by these Stepford dogs. Taken prisoner from the super speedy and accurate and well behaved Dirt Nite dogs, practicing for sheep dogs, Stepford dogs at the trial.

You think I am joking right? I present for your perusal, thanks to Super Cool Video Guy Eric:

A little video I like to call Otterpop stares at the judge all the way over the dogwalk and plans her attack on him to be launched after the a-frame. It sounds like a baby is screaming in the background. You can see my chatting with her on the table. "Otterpop you CAN'T BARK at the JUDGE!" He committed the sin of man in hat too close to dogwalk. Augh!

Or how about a little video I like to call Ruby who runs insane like and IS NOT TURNING and leaps off the table into my stomach before crashing through a jump. Right? Like do SANE dogs jump into your stomach off the table before laying down? Ruby, you are so feral sometimes.

Right? Enjoy! See you for those margaritas and beer! Cross your fingers the Stepfords are gone and I will be arriving this weekend with my REAL DOGS!


Anonymous said...

Do you really want to start a "What Sane Dogs Do" list?? cause it could get rather extensive

Elayne said...

And as I'm sure you're aware there's a hurricane whirling around that's almost named after your dog. Not sure if that's a good sign or not. Best to have another margarita and not think about it.

team small dog said...

I think I am so on the margarita plan for this coming weekend.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

barking at judges? that sounds so much like mine... except she include stewards into her list of 'must bark target'