12 July 2008

This whole dog thing, just for fun, I think, right?

The entries just went up for the big dog show called the Regionals. Five rings, five judges, sure to be mayhem. This is the one that many, many giant motorhomes come to full of fancy winner type dog agility people. You know them. They win and make videos and write books and maybe are sort of hard to beat. Maybe wear little spandex pants. Is a dog show that maybe seems a little bit more like a horse show than a dog show. Maybe a little bit stressy and people get a little bit worked up over stuff. Little bit hot and bothered. Soon we need to start bringing our golf carts and walkie talkies and look out for the Big Fight with the gate steward. Knock-down drag-out at the warmup jump. Catty, hushed yet not hushed conversations about who sold her that dog. Horse. Dog. Horse. Wait a minute. Is this my work or is this hobby?

I am not sure what days I'll go. Ruby is on limited runs now to keep her sound, Otterpop sort of just trucking along currently but I don't think she needs to do a lot at this show because the mayhem of it all it might blow her little cork right off her gourd. Like let's just say no to DAM team. Let the dogs rest and be a nice helper around the ring. Fluff some chutes. Set some bars. Are going to be a lot of bars to set. Don't need a motorhome because not too far from my house. A huge plus is it's close to my work so maybe I can enter Saturday Grand Prix and no horses suffer in the name of dog agility hobby. Grand Prix judged by a team small dog reader! Wow! A small world, dog agility is.

Maybe attending Regionals based on timing of classes times drive real fast down the bumpy farm roads from my ranch out to the park in time to maybe walk the course but maybe not, sort of weird way to base your Regionals dog agility experience. Maybe not good use of mental management techniques. But any other way, maybe not the Team Small Dog way. Just am hoping, this year, if I mess up in the Steeplechase Finals, the snitty ladies, you keep your snitty comments sort of low and more quiet whispery so I they don't burn up my sensitive little ears on my sheepish shuffle out the ring.

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Anonymous said...

TSD needs to come play with Zach and Cousin Nub in the shorty division. Zach and Cousin Nub keep things lite and break all the handling rules to go running crazy all over the course.

Keep it fun TSD... that's what it's all about:)