11 July 2008

America's funniest dog agility videos and they are me.

Here's some videos from last weekend. They are humbling. I sound like a dork, I look like a dork and I handle like a dork. I guess it's official. Now I am seeing why all my friends steer clear of this whole agility thing. I am going backwards in the making it cool department.

Watch Ruby almost get stepped on, have me do the lamest crackhead thing I've ever done to pull her out of the poles under the guise of "Front Cross" and just handle like a weirdo maniac. Poor Ruby. Why, why, why, do I do weird shit to her in the show ring? And I wonder why we just can't get it together. She is MORTIFIED by me is the problem.

Then watch Otterpop sort of lope around her Steeplechase course, with me going Pop! POp! POP! like every second. Shriekzilla. Just shriek a little louder lady. She must think I am the biggest freak. I think, someday, she will figure out it's just not that bad in the show ring. Until then, enjoy some amusing dog video.

Quit laughing. I can hear you all the way over here.


Anonymous said...

That's why I put loud music over the top of our videos, then I don't have to hear myself:) Zach had some fashion weirdness at our Regional of camo shorts, brown vest and an orange shirt sticking out the bottom. Me, I just looked like a pumpkin in my orange shirt:)

Anonymous said...

Ruby's run:
nice, fast start
good push from chute
running very fast
gorgeous down on table
good lateral distance turning cues
good handling choice to let go of the weaves and finsish strong

Otterpop's run:
great front crosses!
good pace--staying with her just enough while still showing her the way to go
another good front cross
great, fast finish

TSD, I'm disappointed. I expected to get a few laughs from these videos. Now I'm just jealous that I can't run as fast as you and my front crosses are total trash compared to yours. No fair!

team small dog said...

Now wait a minute. I think that weirdo insane weave pole thing with Ruby warrants a good laugh. Or something. Actually, I believe it made me weep when I saw it. I knew as I was doing it that I was making a fatal train wreck of those poles I couldn't stop but seeing it on video just made me realize how horrifying it looked to my poor dog.

Zach's outfit sounds kinda nice to me. I think I have that outfit! Maybe don't tell that to Zach.

OBay Shelties said...

gosh girl you can run! I am jealous! I am not laughing!