04 July 2008

Now I'm like a CIA conspiracy ranter.

I had a dream. I won't tell you all the details because it was, you know, crazyland.

But long story short, Timmy had made it back home. So I woke up explaining to Gary either angels or zombies delivered him home to me or could he have woke up at the vet's office and escaped and walked home even though he could barely walk?

Also I was slightly worried in the dream, besides the possibility of all of the above, a terrorist plot had organized his safe delivery home and then Timmy and I were embarking on some kind of new adventure as CIA covert special agents and we were going to have to go on the lam. That is exactly the kind of mess Timmy would get me into. So in the dream part, I couldn't tell anyone he was home.

You never know. CIA, zombies, angels, miracles, everyone says those are all real and actually exist, even though you never meet them. As far as you know. Like this lady I saw 3 times walking around my neighborhood yesterday, I'd never seen before. My first thought is she's lost. My next thought is she's shifty. But like, maybe a zombie? Or miracle granter? Or CIA agent? And like, the whole zombie angle, bummer man. Flesh-eaters.

Gary says it's just a dream. Because I miss him. I still had to look for him all over the house. But he wasn't there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,
You have my sympathy on your loss of Timmy. Having him so long--a big chunk of your adult life--it must leave a big hole, even if he was half in ghostland. After we lost wee Maddy a little over a year ago, my husband and I saw her in dreams--his most vivid, with her waiting for him to help her across a stream, just like she'd done in her later years as a geologic field assistant. I found it comforting to believe in the spiritual world at those moments.
Thinking of you and the other little black dogs,
Gail and wee Flint and Pic

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
You're supposed to have the crazy dreams! That's who you are right! That's a beautiful picture of you and Timmy. Regardless of the dreams, I look at the picture and think good things, and can tell you do too. It's great you're keeping your blog up..it's a good thing?

Anonymous said...

Your dream interpreted: Timmy is preparing a covert operation to once and for all rout the rangers from Lighthouse Field, and you are his first enlistee, due to having shown great bravery in previous attempts. Good dog, Timmy.